What Is The Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors?

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You want everything to be flawless and elegant in your home, right? One part of the house that leaves a great impact on how the whole house looks are the floor of the house. You may like tiles, wood, mosaic, etc floors and each of them has a different vibe in them.

The choice of which floor you like does not only depend on what you like. In fact, it depends on a lot of other things like the price, nature, maintenance of the floor. And, passing all that criteria with flying colors is the laminate floors this time.

In fact, they are cheap and look great too. However, you have to be careful when you clean them. And, that is why we are here with answers to question what is the best way to clean laminate floors.

The Main concern

What you should mainly be concerned about when dealing with laminate floors are the following:

Prevention is better than cure for laminate floors

While you can handle the spots, dirt, etc easily, you cannot do much about the scratches, can you? When they are there, they just are there to stay. Therefore, the first way to take care of your laminate floors is by preventing scratches. Here are some tips for preventing scratches.

Heavy furniture or other objects even when stationary can leave scratches or marks on the floor. What can you even do to get rid of those? Not much. Therefore, it is best to lessen the impact on the floor by adding a layer between the floor and the heavy object.

You know what dragging furniture can do. It is best not to because not only will it harm the floor but it will also harm the furniture itself.

While falling objects are mostly accidents, you should still be as careful as you can be with them. The sharp objects can cause a lot of scratches when they fall- so beware of these objects.

How to Clean a Laminate Floor?

While laminate floors are easy to clean, you should keep them away from certain things. Let’s check out the right ways to clean a laminate floor.

The safest way to clean laminate floors is to use a dry brush to clean the dust on it. Apparently, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Because vacuum cleaners do not even touch the floor much.

It can suck in the dust hiding in the nooks and crannies of the laminate floor. And, this is something you can do daily. But, make sure that the brush is not too hard and the vacuum cleaner is easy on the floor as well.

Or else, you will have to deal with scratches again.

The Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are quite sensitive to humidity. Therefore, you have to be careful with the water around it. But, you also have to use water to clean it well.

The key is to use water only when necessary and also the right way. For example, hot water is a good choice when you are cleaning laminate floors. Because it does not leave marks behind.

Whatever you do, make sure you let the floor dry well and fast.

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If you want to give the floor a more thorough yet harmless clean then you can mix vinegar with water to clean the floor. This will also help you remove spots. However, make sure you mix enough water with the vinegar because vinegar alone can really harm the floor.

Laminate floors are quite sensitive and you will notice the change when you use harsh chemicals on it. Therefore, do not use bleach or other such harsh chemicals on the floor. They will end up leaving a mark on the floor that you end up remembering forever.

You do not even have to remember what you can and cannot use. Because the sprays meant for laminate floors only contain what laminate floors can handle. So, just buy one and use it on the floor. But, do notice how often you can use the spray and in which method.

There are some stains or spots that do not want to leave. For example, the stain left by blood, nail polish, shoe polish, etc just do not leave easily. What you can do is use a nail polish remover to get rid of them. But, make sure you use it only where you need to, do not spread the remover around without the need.

Tips on Taking Care of Laminate Floors

As mentioned earlier, laminate floors react to humidity. Thus, you have to keep them in the right humidity and you know that humidity varies with season.
Therefore, when it is summer and hot with very humid air, you have to use a dehumidifier. On the other hand, when it is winter and cold, a humidifier will do.

You do not want to keep the laminate floor in contact with water much and you cannot remove grease easily either, can you. One clever way to remove grease is to apply cold ice or anything else on it.

When the grease or oil freezes you can easily remove it.

The Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors & Care Tips!

In Conclusion

The floor of your house gets a taste of all kinds of dirt and dust in the house at least once. It does not matter where the dirt is from- your floor gets it. Thus, it needs cleaning. But, elegant and sensitive floors will become less elegant if you clean it wrong.

Therefore, there are fixed ways of cleaning a laminate floor– certain things you have to be aware of. And, now you probably are well aware of them all.

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