What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair?

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One of the age-old issues when maintaining or cleaning a house is hair. Human hair, dog hair, cat hair, every kind of hair is a nuisance to deal with. They are troublesome no matter how you deal with them- whether manually using a broom or with a vacuum cleaner.

Yes, even the mighty vacuum cleaners that are meant to deal with all kinds of dirt and debris there fail to deal with pet hair in the perfect way. Apparently, pet hair can cause havoc within the machine and make the whole machine go useless. Thus, you have to know which vacuum cleaners and what features of them can help deal with pet hair easily.

If you own a dog then this article is made for you. Because today we will be answering the question- what is the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair. Apparently, there is no one answer to that. The best, in this case, varies based on the needs of the whole household.

How we plan to answer your question is by pointing out what about the vacuum cleaners make it easy to deal with dog hair. Let’s begin!

Why is dog hair such a concern?

So, why exactly shall we put special attention and how to deal with dog hair with a vacuum cleaner? Here is why:

Pet hair is the worst kind of dirt around:

While you can do away with dust and other debris easily, pet hair is very hard to deal with. Firstly, they are small, you cannot collect such thin things by hand. Secondly, they are in plenty. You will need the whole day to collect all the pet hair around the house if you ever do.

Gets tangled in the brushes:

While you can easily suck in other dust and debris, dog hair itself requires more. Apparently, you will find that the hair is tangled and stuck in the brushes. While the vacuum cleaner is an object you use to clean, the view of the stuck hair itself will make you cringe. Let’s not even mention how hard it is to get rid of the stuck hair.

Creates clogs:

Even inside the vacuum cleaner, the hair can get stuck and with it, other dirt and dust may clog the hose. Thus, your dog hair is powerful enough to make your whole vacuum cleaner become useless for a while or forever.

The features that make a vacuum cleaner great for dog hair

Vacuum cleaners come with a lot of features. However, not all those features aid in dealing with dog hair. But, some features are both necessary and great at sucking in pet hair, that too in the right way. Let’s check these features out.


The Suction Power.

Apparently, the vacuum cleaner needs quite a bit of suction to suck in the stubborn pet hair. You see pet hair is very thin and can hide in corners and small places well. Thus, it is only a strong suction that can drag them all out.

That is why the best vacuum cleaners for dog hair usually have a very strong suction power- one that always works. So, the first step which is collecting all the pet hair is completed flawlessly.


Brushes help to prevent tangles.

Apparently, the vacuum cleaners which are meant to deal with dog hair have attachments or brushes that are specifically made to deal with the hair. For example, such a brush may feature bristles going in both directions. As a result, the hair cannot get tangled easily.

There are many other such features that just help the vacuum cleaner deal with the little devils right. For example, you may also find a pet hair attachment that comes with a design that will never face a problem with tangled pet hair. Beware of these features and you will love cleaning all the dog hair with the vacuum cleaner.


A HEPA filter.

Well, a HEPA filter does not exactly deal with pet hair but it deals with allergens. And, pets can be a root cause of allergens in the air, especially pet hair can be a root cause. That is why the vacuum cleaners that are good for dealing with dog hair should also have HEPA filters.
This way, you won’t have to worry about the hair or the allergies that this hair brings.


An easy to empty canister.

Apparently, the pet hair will end up in the dust bag or the dust container or the canister. You need a full opening to get rid of the accumulated pet hair. That is why you should look for vacuum cleaners that feature an easy to detach, empty and open canister.

While you are at it, you should be able to empty the whole canister easily.


The internal parts with features that prevent clogs.

The features only in the external part are not enough to deal with the havoc dog hair can cause. Apparently, the hose and other parts should have a design that does not let clogs form. They can either be wide enough for the hair to not get stuck or they may have parts that prevent the clogs.
Either way, there should be a smooth flow of the collected hair from outside to the canister of the vacuum cleaner.

The Very Bests Available

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright vacuum cleaner is one of the best at dealing with dog hair. Apparently, not only does it have very powerful suction, it uses a “radial root cyclone” technology to make the suction even greater. Furthermore, it has a tangle-free turbine tool which helps it to deal with the tangle issues that come with pet hair. Thus, it pretty much deals with all the issues easily and the brand has a great reputation too.

How to clean Extreme Pet Hair by Dyson Ball Animal 2 ?

In Conclusion

Now you know which features matter most and what is the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair? Furthermore, you also got a sneak peek into how these vacuum cleaners add those features. You can look around more and you will find something that you actually will love using.

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