Tineco A11 Review: The Tineco A11 Hero vs Master

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If you make a list of things that can suck up all your energy, which one will hit the top 10? Okay, first comes your office works. Then comes your workout routines. Wait a minute! Hey, are you about forgetting about enlisting cleaning up your messed-up house right after the last party?

Oops! Looks like someone has just recognized their “Number-1” headache – the cleaning. Well, me getting you a Tineco A11 review is actually meant to snatch that position right away. You might be thinking what’s on that? After all, I won’t tell you about that magic brush that can wipe your whole house on its own.

No, the A11s of Tineco isn’t made at Hogwarts of Harry Potter. But like the magic wand, they can take care of the mess all over your house and get it back to the enamoring form once again.You probably have seen techs with wires and with hassles. But thankfully, these are meant to keep you away from both.

I’ll tell you about the differences in the A11s (Hero Vs Master) as well. For that, first, you need to know what they’re capable of. That’ll make the differentiation as easy as detecting color in the row of the black and white. But there’s a question pops up when you’re ready to give Tineco a chance to clean your home.

That is – which one of the A11s can do it better for you?Well, why am I here for then? Let me help you out and get your next best wireless cleaning tech.

Tineco A11 Reviews: Two of the Bests

Want to know more about Tineco? Then, know this first. They don’t design products, but they design the solutions. As from the start, I was telling you about cleaning your things up, here come the two bests of Tineco to deal with it.

1. Tineco A11 Hero Vacuum Cleaner

I know things are not going smoothly anymore with your current cleaner. Otherwise, why would you’ve come here in the first place? I don’t know what are the issues you’re getting with your cleaner. But the A11 Hero from Tineco is built wipe them all out at once. You’re going to agree once you check out the features.

Tineco A11 Hero

Powerful Motor and Suction

So tell me, what’s the first aspect that you’re cleaner failed you on? Is it the suction power? Well, then here comes the surprise. This sun of a gun has a huge 450 Watt motor that can deliver 120 Watt powerful suction.

If you’re sick and tired of seeing those low-powered sucking machines, then the “Hero” can definitely save your day. With that amount of power, this bad boy can eat up all the dirt and dust lying on your floor. But, how that’s going to any different than your previous one?

Then, another reason to thank its powerful DC motor is, on the Max mode the suction power can jump right at 5X higher than your regular one. As an extra feather to its perfection, the 4-Stages filteration system expels nothing but non-allergic and fresh air.

And leakage? There’s no chance of that as it’s sealed fully and perfectly.

Long lasting Battery

And worrying about the run time? Then maybe you haven’t noticed the gigantic 2500mAH Lithium Battery right there.That powerhouse with the face of a battery can keep your cleaning mission for up 40 long minutes.

I guess that time is going to be enough to shine up every floor of your house clean as new. But what if the battery is dead in the middle of the road? Don’t worry. You can get a spare one and attach it to get started right there again.


What can be more pleasing than having a cleaner that doesn’t turn into a deafening machine every time you start it? Thanks to the powerful digital DC motor of the A11 Hero that it keeps the sound level so low that your ears won’t get hurt a bit.

Where the other cleaner generates ear-piercing noise of 80+ dBA, the Tineco A11 Hero keeps it 69 dBA at low and 74 on high.

3 Power Modes

Before you start to imagine it in on the row of common cleaner, let me hit you with another amazing feature. Yes, as the heading says – the 3 Power Modes. Not all specks of dirt are going to be soft on your surface. Some you can get rid of gently and for them, all you need to do is go to the 2 suction modes.

But what you’ll do with the stubborn one? Well, once you put the Hero to the max mode, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is that dirt on your floor. Moreover, with trigger power mode, you can go for instant cleaning anytime. The continuous power mode will also be there if need that for the whole house.

Easy Conversion

Who said anything here about sticking to the long tube all the time? If you want to get dirt and your furniture, car, or chair detached from each other then you can just convert it into a Handvac. All it’ll take is just some seconds.

With so many attachments, the 6 extra cleaning tools, you’re absolutely going to love what Tineco has done with this one. Name anything that needs a cleaning, the A11 Hero will get that done for you.

Easiest Configuration

Don’t worry, This piece is not here to give the feeling of assembling a spaceship. At least, its superb easy configuration process won’t let that happen. There’s no part in this bad boy you can’t detach and attach in a minute.

To be honest, to make it a fully functional cleaner all you’ll have to waste is just a minute or less. Not only that but with the wall-mounted dock, you can put it anywhere on your room’s wall without wasting even an inch of space.

Extra Large Dustbin

Tineco isn’t unaware of how irritated you feel you have to clean up the dustbin after every 5 min of sucking dirt. But thanks to the 0.6L extra-large dustbin that you won’t have to keep doing that anymore. Even no matter how much hair your pet is dropping on the floor, it can take them all up just like that.

But does it mean you won’t have to empty it? Come on, you know that too, it doesn’t work that way. But with the one-touch button of the bin, it’ll get vacant again just in seconds before you know it.

Deep Cleaning Capacity​

Here comes the best part that you’ve been eagerly waiting for.  Doesn’t matter if your up against hard floor or carpet, the A11 ain’t going to let you down. Thanks to the multi-tasker full-sized power brush with LED headlights that can get your 2.5X powerful performance.

Comparing to the ordinary cordless vacuums, this bad boy can get you an 80% stronger performance on your ground. No matter how messy it seems, the A11 can take care of them all.


  • Comes with an easier configuration process
  • Powerful motor maximizes suction power
  • The extra-large dustbin is easy to clean
  • Easy to convert into Handvac with additional tools
  • Powerful battery provides longer runtime


  • Doesn’t have any extra battery

2. Tineco A11 Master Vacuum Cleaner

I guess you’ve already understood how much Tineco focuses on perfection as you’ve already checked out the A11 Hero. But they haven’t forgotten that improvising their tech is what has taken them ahead on the race of the bests. So, to take another solid leap on that race they’ve brought the  A11 Master.

Tineco A11 Master

Motor Power

Are you tired of your kids spoiling the floor every now and then? Then buckle up to have some good news from Tineco. The first part in a cleaner that Tineco has never compromised on is the power and suction.

Doing complete justice to that once again they’ve got the A11 Master a powerful  450 Watt motor. This brushless motor doesn’t only keep the sound low but also pushes the suction power up to 120W once you put it on the max mode.

But can it keep up with all those stubborn dirt and dust lying around? Well, you’re going to get a suction level 5X higher all those cleaners you’re seeing around. Do you still think that the dirt got any chance in front of this cleaning monster? The answer is No, I guess.

Impressive Accessories

For winning a war what you need the most right after having a perfect plan? Weapons, right? The same thing goes for a cleaner as well when you’re up for a war against your uncleaned house.

So to get you all the ammunition you need, Tineco has given the A11 Master two of the Full-Sized LED Power Brushes. With a thoughtful design, these brushes can take care of any surface whether it’s a carpet or a hard one. One of them is called the Multi-tasker and the other one is Soft-roller. Cool name, right?

If you’ve got tons of dirt or extra-large debris, they can suck up all of them with a blink of your eyes. When you’re struggling with the carpet let the Multi-tasker deal with the cleaning. But when you’re on the hard floor, nothing can clean that up as good as the Soft-roller.

Along with these, you’re going to have an army of tools to help out there as well. You’ll get a 2-in-1 Dusting Brush, Pre-Filter Cleaning Tool, Crevice Tool, Flexible Long Crevice Tool. The list doesn’t end here, it also includes Soft Dusting Brush, Hair Cleaning Tool, Wall-Mounted Dock with Dual Charging system.

Long lasting Batteries

You want to hear the bad news or the good news first? Okay, let me start with the bad one. This time you’re going to get 2000 mAHh li-ion batteries. The good news is you’re going to get two of them at once. Now, get ready to get a huge runtime up to fifty minutes.

So, A11 Master won’t give up until you do. If you compare it to A11 Hero, you’re going to enjoy 20% more runtime on this one.

Extra Large Dustbin with One-push Button

How can Tineco snatch away the privilege that they’ve given you once? You won’t feel good about that either I guess. So, they’ve included the 0.6L extra-large dustbin with a one-push button on this one as well. Now you won’t have run to empty the bin as usual like the A11 Hero.

4 Stages Filtration System

What is the meaning of grabbing a cleaner it can’t keep it all clean in every way? Well, Tineco agrees with you on that one and that’s why they’ve included the 4 Stages Filtration System on the A11 Master as well. With this fully sealed system, it’ll keep the air fresh without leaking any fine dust.

Convertible to Handvac

Hey, don’t forget that your floors are not that only place that can catch dirt. But doesn’t it seem uncomfortable to clean up a chair or stair with that huge tube attached to the cleaner? After all, the corners might need some special attention of yours there too.

But don’t worry.Those tons of attachment I’ve told you earlier about aren’t there for nothing. You can make the A11 your own Handvac anytime you need with them. Otherwise, what’s the meaning of calling it a versatile cleaner?

Low Noise Level

You’re planning to get a cleaner, not a metal guitar, remember? Tineco hasn’t forgotten that as well. So, once again they’ve made their motor so quiet that all you can get is a noise level of 74 on high and 69 dBA at low with the A11 Master.


  • Comes with dual batteries for uninterrupted runtime
  • Fully sealed filtration system keeps the air clean
  • Comes with tons of useful attachments
  • Generates a low sound comparing to the competitors
  • Can be converted into Handvac quite easily


  • Edge pick-up could’ve been better

Tineco A11 Hero vs Master

Product A11 HeroTineco A11 Hero A11 Master+Tineco A11 Master+
Weight 5.5 pounds 5.5 pounds
Dimensions ( L x W x H) 11.4 x 8.4 x 43.5 inches 43.31 x 10.43 x 8.43 inches
Motor Power 450 W 450 W
Suction Power 120 W 120 W
Battery Single 2500mAH 2 x 2000mAH
Runtime 40 minutes 50 minutes
Dirt-bin Size 0.6 L 0.6 L
Additional Cleaning Tools 6 10
Storage and Charging Wall-mounted with dual charging Wall-mounted with dual charging
LED Multi-tasker Power Brush
Soft-roller power brush _
Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty

Difference Between Tineco A11 Hero and Tineco A11 Master

You’re planning to get a cleaner, not a metal guitar, remember? Tineco hasn’t forgotten that as well. So, once again they’ve made their motor so quiet that all you can get is a noise level of 74 on high and 69 dBA at low with the A11 Master.


When it comes to power, Tineco didn’t think it necessary to bring any change in power. So, they’ve decided to maintain equal superiority in power with the 450W motor. But they didn’t keep the runtime on the same page.

If you’ve already gone through the reviews, then I don’t think you’ve overlooked the number of batteries and their power. On the A11 Hero, they’ve given a single battery with 2500 mAh that can get you a runtime up to 40 min.

But on the A11 Master, they’ve reduced the battery power to 2000 mAh but doubled the number of batteries. So, now you can get 20% more runtime in comparison to the A11 Hero, which means it’ll run up to 50 minutes.

Power Brush

If you’re roaming with a trophy of credit to give for the A11s of Tineco, then the power brushes will surely deserve a share of that. But Tineco has left a fraction of difference there as well.

With the A11 Master, you’ll get two amazing power brushes. One of them is the multi-tasker and the other one is the soft roller. But with A11 Hero, you’ll get the Multi-tasker only.

There’s no doubt on the hard floor the Soft Roller power brush can leave awestruck with its smooth performance. But when you’re grabbing an A11 Hero as your next cleaner, the soft roller won’t be there to back you up.


The accessories the Tineco provides with their A11s probably made them different and better than any other brands out there. But Tineco doesn’t provide the same number of extra tools or accessories with all their A11s.

With the A11 Hero, you’ll get 6 of them to handle all your cleaning jobs. But the number is different on the Tineco A11 Master. They’re providing 10 of the extra tools that include flexible extension hose, flexible long crevice tool, soft dusting brush, Multi-angle folding tube.

How Does the Tineco A11 Clean?

It’ll be nothing but unfair if someone says that Tineco hasn’t tried their best to make the A11 as one of their best cleaning techs. After going through all the specs, I guess you’ll agree on that as well.

But does it mean that they’ve been able to clean up all types of the floor and carpet when they’re full of dirt? Well, it’s the time to check out what the Famous A11 can do when it’s against different floors and obstacles.

Floor Cleaning Performance:

I’ll go through one by one so that you can have a clear idea over the cleaning performance of the A11. This way you’ll get to understand how it functions when you’ll roll it over every type of floor you’ve got.

Bare Floor Cleaning

Another name of irritation when you’re trying to stay clean is having dirt on your bare floor. So when you’ll bring in an A11 how that’ll do on your hard floor. You’ve already seen that, depending on the model, Tineco provides two types of power brushes with their A11s. the Multitasker and the Soft roller.

It’s been seen that while trying to get rid of ultra-fine dust to bigger debris on the floor, the Soft-Roller has done a marvelous job. If you believe in numbers more than the ratio of cleaning hasn’t gone down than 99%. Sounds unbelievable, right? But that’s what happened there.

That doesn’t mean the Multi-tasker or regular one hasn’t done any good. Actually, the performance of the Multi-tasker was quite impressive with fine dust as well. But some struggles have been noticed when it was trying to pick up the bigger debris with the size of Quaker Oats.

Sand on Hard Floor

The multi-tasker couldn’t do the best with bigger debris on the hard floor. But when it was about to deal with the sand, the result was simply astonishing. It has cleaned it up 100% at once.

Don’t think that the Soft-roller has done no good on that. Actually, the ratio of cleaning was equal there as well.

Carpet Cleaning Performance:

Carpet is probably the only surface that gives the feeling of Everest when comes to cleaning. But seems A11 don’t give a damn on that. Maybe that’s why the multitasker has literally nailed it. Let’s check out how was the result with the test –

Low Pile Carpet

The Regular one or the multitasker had no trouble picking up bigger debris and done it perfectly. The cleaning result was impressively wasn’t less 99%, again! Even when the smaller one like coffee or pet litter was lying there, the result wasn’t any different.

Medium Pile Carpet

This time the bottom wasn’t that close as the low pile one. But still, the A11 has given promising performance once again. After trying with quaker oats, pet Litter, coffee, and quinoa, the result was 99%. Once the test was done, it was already proved why A11 is built to be the best.

Deep Cleaning

The Soft-roller wasn’t meant to handle the deep cleaning. So, the Multi-tasker had to jump in again. This time the test was done with 100 grams of sand on a carpet. But with a 94% score, the A11 has snatched the first prize effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tineco better than Dyson?

Answer: Yes, almost in every way. If you need a more elaborate answer on that, then let me start with the carpet deep cleaning test results. The war of comparison is nothing new when you see it from a “Tineco vs Dyson” perspective. They both are best at what they do. But still, Tineco is a step ahead there too.

The Dyson has scored on that test 92%, which is indeed a good score. But when it came to the Tineco, they’ve literally nailed it with an impressive score of 94%.If you judge it on the basis of battery life, then it has beaten the Dyson there as well.

Even on the race of keeping the sound low, the Tineco has taken down Dyson with no mercy. Where Dyson keeps it at 80+ dBA, Tineco made it 69 on low and 74 on high. Tineco just won the game again in silence.

2. Does the Tineco A11 provide good value?

Answer: Undoubtedly, it does. Unlike those boring cleaners you’ve dealt with so far, Tineco A11 can leave them behind on every phase of performance. The matter of fact is, you’ll have to spend almost double the price of Tineco to get equivalent performance levels from other brands.

If you look at the other cleaners like Dyson, the CFM on low mode varies from 24-25. But the A11s can push it up to 27 CFM. Another good thing about the A11 is, you’ll get a ton of attachments that are going to make the job a hell of ease just within minutes.

Moreover, rather than roaming around for a place to store, you can just tag it to the wall-mounted dock. So, whenever you’ll need a quick cleaning of the shattered foods on your carpet, it’ll be there as your personal genitor all the time.

With the 2.5X stronger performance than any other ordinary cordless vacuum cleaner, the cleaner has been dominated the throneof the best.

3. Reasons why you should buy the Tineco A11 Master?

Answer: Tineco has never underestimated the importance of the customer’s expectations. That’s why they’ve always gone for deeper research on that and tried to make it up to their expectations.

The first thing they’ve taken care of is power. Tineco A11 Master has built it with the 450 Watt powerful motor that can generate a suction power of 120W which is 5X higher than any regular cleaner.

Then they’ve focused on the runtime. Well, how can you simply think that with the humongous Lithium-Ion Battery, you can have a low runtime? They’ve made it running for 50 long minutes. With this much runtime, you can terminate every bit of dirt from every inch of your house.

Its power full-sized LED power brushes you can pick up every bit of the dirt and hair that are spoiling the look of your beautiful floor or carpet. The huge dustbin of 0.6L capacity will make you feel more relaxed as you won’t have to rush to get it empty frequently while cleaning.

As a cherry on the top, Tineco A11 Master won’t let you worry about the space as well. For that, they’ve introduced the wall-mounted dock, from where you can grab it anytime you want.

4. Who makes Tineco vacuum?

Answer: The Tineco make their own vacuum with their innovative design and active technical team. Their efficient tech team gets the assembly done so perfectly that, configuring them becomes easier than walking on the park.

Final Words

A cordless cleaner is probably on the list of things that you buy without worrying too much about its cleaning quality. But Tineco hasn’t forgotten to ensure you the best performance with the A11s. They’ve given them everything to help you to have a cleaner house every single day.

After going through my Tineco A11 Review, I hope you’ve already understood that Tineco doesn’t like throwing stones in the dark. They’ve gone through every test to make sure that on every type of surface, the A11 gets you nothing but the best outcome.

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