Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Review

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It is very difficult to make choices. And, you have to make choices pretty much everywhere, don’t you? One day you may be choosing between careers, and the other you may be choosing among the types of protein to consume for the day. What a tough life, right?

However, there are certain things that make these choices clearer. The characteristics of these things tell you what you really want or need. Let’s face it we need things that either make our choices easier or do not make us choose at all.

Let’s come to the point now. It is hard to decide among the various types of vacuum cleaners available out there, isn’t it? But, you still have to. Can you choose between the convenience of an upright and the power of a canister? Not really- you need both.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E provides you with both! It is both an upright and a canister vacuum cleaner. Amazing, right? However, does it provide you with everything you will need from a vacuum cleaner for your house?

You will only find the answer to that when you know this product well enough. So, let’s get to know it through this review of Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E: The Features

The list of features will explain how this vacuum cleaner works and what it does for you in a nutshell.

1. The Two-in-one Canister and Upright vacuum cleaner

When you initially look at this vacuum cleaner, it looks like an upright vacuum cleaner. Apparently, it has that body that collects the dirt installed on top of it and the hose or tool collecting the dirt and debris right under it. Even when you are cleaning you use the handle to hold the whole unit, tilt it and clean.
However, you will also notice a button on the unit. If you press it, the top canister-like container will come off. You can then carry the canister in one hand or just leave it around while you use the cleaning hose to clean.
There you go, the upright vacuum cleaner has started to behave like a canister one. And, it could not get more convenient! Alright, it could get a bit more convenient. Apparently, the vacuum cleaner is a bit heavy. You will find it a bit hard to store, as the top-heavy nature makes it tip over at times.
Other than that, older people or people who cannot take much physical strain may find it a bit hard to deal with.

2. A great suction

What is important about vacuum cleaners? How well it cleans, right? Well, that is the main purpose of its existence and this Shark Navigator one does not disappoint you!

In fact, Shark Navigator NV356E has a great suction power that will suck in any dirt or debris you have on the way. Furthermore, it can do so from anywhere necessary, Its versatile design allows you to not only reach under the furniture, crevices but also on curtains and more.

Thus, its flexibility, great reach backed by a great suction power just leaves the rooms in your house shining when you are done the cleaning.

3. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA Filter

Do people in your house have allergies? Even if people in your house do not, other people who might arrive as your guests may. However, allergens are harmful to pretty much everyone and it is best if you just do away with it. But, how to deal with particles so small?

This vacuum cleaner can surely help! Firstly, it has the anti-allergen complete seal technology. Not only does this help to collect all the allergens around but it also seals them in tightly. So, you do not risk being exposed to the allergens.

Furthermore, it has a HEPA filter. And, unlike other filters which trap 99.97% of dust particles, this one traps 99.99%- that’s minute and huge! Furthermore, you can clean the HEPA filter when you need to.

4. The Accessories

The unit comes with a brush roll feature. As you know, this one is for carpets and can be quite harsh on hard floors. Thus, this unit lets you shut off the brush roll feature when you need to!

But, it does not stop there You get more attachments like the dust-away floor attachment, crevice tool, etc. The crevice tool does not do one hell of a job though. Other than that, you can buy a separate attachment for better work- the hard floor hero attachment.

5. The Capacity

This unit can hold around 2.2 quarts of dust. Therefore, you will not have to empty the vacuum cleaner too often. Furthermore, it has a long cord which allows you to reach hard to reach places easily. It weighs 13.7 pounds but the top-heavy nature makes it a bit difficult to carry. Other than that, its wheels do a great job of helping you maneuver it.

Though this unit didn’t fulfill your desire, we also have a detail guide of best vacuum for high pile carpet. If you want to check that out!

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E: Pros & Cons



Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E: Video Review

Frequently Asked Question

In Conclusion

If you want versatility and a great clean the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E provides you with both. Furthermore, it is available at quite a reasonable price. It has a few cons but those may or may not be for you. Plus, the cons do not always occur. So, think about it and you may have the best deal for yourself.

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