How To Make Carpet Fluffy Again? : 5 Best And Easy Techniques

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Maybe, you are planning to sell your house or rent it to someone. Or, maybe, you are shifting to a new apartment or house. Whatever you are planning to do, in all circumstances, there must be one common thing you should pay your attention to. And that is carpeting. 

If you wanna rent or sell your house, the impression of the renter or buyer will mostly depend on the condition of the floor carpet. A flawless, soft and freshly cleaned carpet will definitely strike that buyer or renter with an appealing charm.

Basically, if you are having a carpet on your floor, it must’ve gotten your attention the most. Because a carpet has an immense influence on your emotion. Obviously, you won’t feel good walking or sitting on a faded, dull, or stained carpet.

Besides, cleaning carpet regularly following some methods will not only improve their longevity but also give you a healthier atmosphere in your home. There might be countless germs accumulated inside your carpet’s fiber, which may cause health hazards. Also, people who are already suffering from allergies and asthma may suffer further due to an uncleaned carpet.

Now, let’s have a look at some methods I have gathered for you about how to make carpet fluffy again. Following these methods and tips, you will be able to keep your carpet fluffy and clean for years to come.

Take Some Preparations Before Fluffing Your Carpet

Before starting the process of fluffing your carpet you need to prepare the carpet by pursuing below steps:

● Evacuate the space first:

Make sure all the objects like furniture or other appliances are cleared off first. Remove them at once and store them in another room or in any storage unit. Pay attention, that no object should be left on the carpet.

● Inspect and adjust the carpet threads:

Adjust the carpet surface by snipping the uneven threads. For this, you have to take a closer look at the carpet. Find the fibers that are odd among them. Snip them with a scissor and ensure the whole carpet’s fibers are of the same length. Don’t ever try to pull up the uneven threads.

● Remove the stains as much as possible:

There must be some stains or spots on the carpet if it hasn’t been cleaned for many years. A mixture of white vinegar and hot water will play as an efficient agent for this purpose. They work pretty fine for removing stains without damaging the carpet.

● Choose carpet cleaning products wisely:

You must take into consideration that, there’re various carpet cleaning solutions in the market destined to clean various types of carpets made of different materials. So, if you are not sure about the cleaning solution you are using, whether it suits your carpet or not, you are at risk of damaging the carpet.

Accessories You Need To Fluff Your Carpet

Techniques: How To Make Carpet Fluffy Again

You may use some homemade tactics which are easier to apply. Whereas, there are also some carpet cleaning solutions available in the market that can easily make your carpet cleaned, fluffy, and soft. Now, I am going to provide you with some techniques about how to make carpet fluffy again:

Technique 1: Melting Ice Cubes

  1. An effective trick for making your carpet fluffy again is placing ice cubes on the dents caused by furniture’s feet. In each of the dent, place an ice cube and let them melt completely.
  2. This may take 20 to 30 minutes to melt the ices. After melting down, place a clean and white towel to soak up the water as much as possible.
  3. Later, with your fingers, rub the dented areas and make the carpet fibers spring up. If that doesn’t work well, try with a spoon, comb, or a soft-bristle brush to fluff the carpet.

Technique 2: Using an Iron

  1. Fetch a clean white towel and wet it with warm water. Place it on the dented area of the carpet. If your carpet has got so many dented areas then you might need a larger towel.
  2. Bring an iron and set its heat setting to medium. Don’t make direct contact with the towel, instead hold the iron a few inches above it.
  3. Move the iron in a circular motion on the wet towel and continue for 30 to 60 seconds.
  4. Later, remove the towel and try to fluff the carpet with your fingers. If that doesn’t work, wet that area again and repeat the process. However, you may use a  spoon, brush, or comb for stubborn carpet fibers.

Technique 3: Spraying The mixture of water and vinegar

  1. Firstly, take a spray bottle and mix an equal amount of vinegar and water into it. Spray towards the flattened and dented areas on the carpet.
  2. Let the cleaning agent work on the affected areas. Give sufficient time (about 10 to 30 minutes) to set the solution on the carpet.
  3. Now, grab a white and clean towel and blot the area where you sprayed the vinegar mixture on. Bloat until most of the liquid is soaked up.
  4. Finally, use a spoon to scrape the carpet and try to make the fibers spring up. You may also wanna use a non-metal bristle brush or a comb to level up the carpet surface and eliminate dents.

Technique 4: Using Blow Dryer

  1. Use fresh or distilled water for this purpose and pour the water into a spray bottle.
  2. Spray water to the dented or flattened areas. Beware of spraying too much water, that can damage the carpet.
  3. Get a hairdryer and set it to lower heating. Hold the dryer about six inches distant from the carpet. Move the dryer back and forth for uniform heating.
  4. Finally, rub the carpet with your fingers to straighten up the fibers. If you fail to do that, use a soft-bristle brush instead.

Technique 5: Using Carpet Shampooer

  1. For a better result, you may use a carpet shampooer. Firstly, fill the shampooer with cleaning liquid and water.
  2. Then, start shampooing from the opposite side of the exit doorway. Move back and forth when shampooing and advance towards the doorway gradually.
  3. Let the carpet dry properly. Spray carpet deodorizer powder all over the carpet. Leave the powder over the carpet for a specified time.
  4. Later, vacuum the carpet area and suck all the deodorizing powder up and any other residues.

Some Tips To Keep Your Carpet Evergreen

  • To avoid developing dents on your carpet, frequently move your furniture a few inches in any direction.
  • In higher traffic areas you may use area rugs on a carpet to support the stress.
  • You are suggested to install a high-quality carpet having a thick pile. It will resist wear and damage over time.
  • You may set a rule for the family members to keep the shoes outside and walk on the carpet barefooted.
  • Always keep some cleaning rags or towels ready for any liquid spillages. These occur commonly and frequently.
  • Regular vacuuming is a must condition for keeping your carpet everlasting.
  • For any serious damages on the carpet take help from the professionals. They will help you revive your carpet charging an amount of money.

Final Opinion

Having a dull and matted carpet at home will present an unpleasant appearance. This is because, for a long time your carpet has been gathering a lot of dirt, debris, stains into it. Besides, the furniture causes some unpleasant dents on the carpet that require special attention. 

Most importantly, if you really care about the face of your room like you do with your own face, start by taking care of your floor carpet. You can take effective care by cleaning the carpet on a regular basis. Also, alter the position of furniture or appliances a little bit on the carpet frequently.

So, the above tips and techniques I have shared about how to make carpet fluffy again, hopefully, will make your carpet reviving adventure smooth and pleasing. These are very simple techniques to apply and don’t require your whole day.

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