How to Clean Unsealed Wood Floors?: Our Ultimate Guide

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Wooden flooring has been an elegant and popular flooring choice for centuries. Whilst in most houses today, wood floors are seen treated or sealed with some kind of surface-sealants, the older homes or apartments may have unsealed hardwood floors.

Well, these unfinished or unsealed floors undoubtedly give a rustic and natural look. In fact, you might have seen already that they are even becoming popular in recent days. But, it is pretty challenging when it comes to maintaining and cleaning these unsealed floors.

So, the proper maintenance of these unsealed floors requires some procedures and cautions. You have to take special care of them and be informed about which cleaning products and procedures are suitable for them.

Now, I am going to describe how to clean unsealed wood floors, as well as maintaining these floors for long term soundness.

Is Your Floor Sealed Or Unsealed?

Let’s start by determining what kind of floor you have in your house. First, spill some drops of water on the wooden floor. If they gently remain there without any change, you have a sealed floor. Otherwise, if they are absorbed, you are owning an unsealed wood floor.

Furthermore, if you still want to get confirmed detection, contact with a professional floor expert or the company that installed the floor.

Besides, before using a cleaning product for cleaning the entire floor, run a test in a smaller and hidden area initially. If the experiment goes well, you are free to apply those comfortably.

Cautions Regarding Unsealed Floors

Some points you have to take into consideration when you have an unsealed floor. These necessary issues have some obvious impacts on unfinished floors:

Having no protective finishing, harsh chemicals can’t be used to clean these floors.

  • Use certain cleaning products diluted into water. Products like Trisodium Phosphate, Murphy’s Oil Soap, White vinegar can be used for this purpose.
  • A bucket of water can’t be used for cleaning. These unsealed floors will soak the water and cause distortion and other damages.
  • The cleaning products that would be used for cleaning these floors, must be stated safe by the manufacturers.
  • Tough and bristled cleaning objects should be avoided. These can cause decays on the floor.
  • To sanitize the floor, use mineral spirits or vinegar. Ensure the area is properly ventilated before using these.
  • You may sand the area having a rigid stain. But, do it gently and rarely, as doing often can distort the floor.
  • In case of any spillage of liquids, just mop that particular area only. It’s better not to mop the entire floor with cleaning liquids daily.
  • Be cautious while moving your furniture or appliances. Move these very slowly after placing something beneath them so that they can’t scrape the floor.

Keeping these points in mind, you can certainly manage your unsealed floor to look natural and appealing for decades.

Approaches For How To Clean Unsealed Wood Floors

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Now, Let’s talk about how to clean unsealed wood floors since you have to be more considerate about cleaning them. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Take Out The Dirt And Dust Firstly

Use brooms that have soft bristles. Instead, you may use microfiber mops. Soft bristles are safe for the surface asthey won’t scratch your floor. Sweep the floor and remove dirt, dust, debris as much as possible.

Step 2: A Vacuum May Do The Cleaning More Comfortably

Vacuum cleaners can sweep more accurately, giving you a stress-free cleaned floor. But, remember, using a vacuum cleaner having a beater bar, on the contrary, can degrade your wood floor.

Step 3: Cleaning With A Damp Mop

Even after a sweeping and vacuuming, there might be some residue of oil, grime, or dirt left on the floor. Remember, no excess water or moisture film should be left on the floor after cleaning. Use a dry towel to remove the moisture immediately.

Below products are pretty safe and undeniably suggested for cleaning and sanitizing an unsealed floor. You should try them to make your floor ever-green:

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap and Water Solution: To prepare this solution, add Murphy’s soap of 1 tablespoon into a half-gallon of warm water. Rinsing your floor with this solution will prevent building residues. It also works as a sanitizer.
  • Petroleum-Based Liquid Mineral Spirits: It can eliminate stains without harming the floor. Apply this on the wood floor with the help of a soft cloth. Remember to wipe the area with a clean towel and don’t leave any liquid deposits.
  • Crystallized Powder Trisodium Phosphate: It’s also a stain remover. Apply gently with the help of a scrub brush and carry out a warm water rinse after that.
  • Natural Product White Vinegar: It’s cost-effective and safe for sanitizing and cleaning the unsealed floor. To prepare the solution, add half-cup of vinegar into a gallon of water. Mop the floor with this solution using long strokes.

Warning! Most of these above chemicals are hazardous for health. They are flammable. So, don’t put them near any flames or sparks. Wear a respirator during cleaning and ensure the place is ventilated property. Also, wear gloves when working with these chemicals, as these can harm your skin too.

How To Make Your Unsealed Floor Shiny?

First thing you should bear in mind that, if you are not planning to seal your floor in the future, you can furnish the floor with oil or wax.

  • Applying oil: Take a soft rag and smear it with a natural oil like jojoba or linseed. Then, apply it on the floor and wait for 15 minutes after that. Later, buff the area with a dry mop.
  • Using wax: You may apply waterless wax on your floor. After applying with a soft rag let the floor dry for 30 minutes. Buff the area later with a clean and dry cloth.

Again, be cautious that, if you apply wax or oil on the floor, you shouldn’t have a plan for sealing the floor in the future.

Some Tips For Maintaining Unsealed Wood Floors

If you want to make your natural looked floor evergreen and sustainable for some decades, follow the advice I’ve mentioned below:

  • If you dwell in a high traffic area, secure the floor with area rugs.
  • Put mats at the entrance door to avoid entering dirt from soles.
  • Keep away steam cleaners for cleaning.
  • Mop immediately after any spillage of water or liquids.
  • Sweep and mop the floor on a regular basis to stay away from scratchable particles.

My Concluding Opinion

Unsealed floors are much more vulnerable to damages than other floors. Having them can be a bothersome experience for you unless you take proper care on a day to day basis.

To sustain the aesthetic beauty and natural appearance of your unsealed floor, you should carry out proper maintenance. Thus, these unfinished floors will add more elegance than any other finished or artificial floors.

I have tried to include all the information you need about how to clean unsealed wood floors. Now, I hope you will take proper care of your unsealed floor according to the described procedures above.

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