How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar?

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Our valuable carpets can be a victim of all sorts of dirt, stain, and debris. At times we forget to clean them regularly or just miss some crucial spots that in time leads to very difficult to remove stains.

Don’t worry this is a DIY article that we’re sure you’ll love and learn from. There are a lot of household items that can help you get rid of all sorts of stain and dirt and one of them is vinegar.

Yes, you’ve heard about its wonders and this time we would like to discuss a way on how to clean carpets with vinegar in this step by step guide. Of course, we’ll also discuss some more important facts that you sure will be able to use and apply.

Step by step guide: How to clean carpets with Vinegar

STEP 1: Clean the carpet or rug first

Vacuuming Carpet

Make sure to vacuum your carpet first as thoroughly as you can. This is to make that there aren’t any loose dust or debris that might interfere with the treatment process later on. There’s a risk of staining it even more or damaging it further if you apply vinegar on a debris-filled rug.

Vacuum thoroughly back and front and in all directions. Eliminating dust or dirt is the priority so that the vinegar application process should be as smooth as possible.
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STEP 2: Create your vinegar solution

How to clean carpets with Vinegar

The next step is to create the perfect solution for the cleaning and removal process.

Prepare warm water, mild dish soap and of course 3-4 cups of vinegar. Combine the ingredients then test it out on an area of the carpet where it’s not that visible to not visibly discolor or damage it if the solution is too acidic.

You want a solution that’s just right, that’s going to take the stain-off properly and not damage your precious carpet.

STEP 3: Scrub time

How to clean carpets with Vinegar

Use either a soft cloth, brush, sponge or whatever you think fits your carpet’s fiber.  Thoroughly soak your brush with your solution gently scrub in linear motion following the direction of the nap.

Depending on the extent of the damage do be patient with scrubbing. Make sure to clean the fringes of the rug and be patient so that you don’t have to redo your work all over again if after you’ve dried the rug and the stain or dirt is still present and was not entirely cleanse.

STEP 4: Rinse

Next is to rinse the carpet. Make sure to rinse the carpet properly and not just dry it right away after bathing it with the solution to not damage or stain it any further contradicting what you were supposed to do.

Rinse it with running water or cloth that’s dipped in clean water. Rinse in similar motion when you applied the solution.

STEP 5: Remove any excess water

Next is to rinse the carpet. Make sure to rinse the carpet properly and not just dry it right away after bathing it with the solution to not damage or stain it any further contradicting what you were supposed to do.

Rinse it with running water or cloth that’s dipped in clean water. Rinse in similar motion when you applied the solution.

STEP 6: Hang to dry

Hang and Dry The Carpet

What is recommended and desired is to still hang and dry the carpet out in the sun. No doubt sunshine is still most effective. Make sure to dry thoroughly and remember flipping on both sides to do so.

If outside is not an option and you do to it indoors then make sure to properly ventilate the area. Open windows or doors so that air can circulate, using fans may also help.

Some Other Techniques To Clean Carpets or Rugs Using Vinegar

Vinegar for Stain Removal

As always make sure to remove any solid matter or any liquid off of your carpet or rug first. Pour or spray vinegar little by little on affected areas and blot it up with a clean cloth. Repeat as necessary and let it dry once done.

This process should efficiently remove stains by using vinegar on your carpets or rugs.

Vinegar for Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners are great tools to remove the nasty stain on our carpets or rugs but sometimes they don’t work or as not as effective. Fret not as vinegar has got you covered.

Simply add vinegar to your existing solution (research for compatibility) and start cleaning that stain off your carpet. No rinsing required.

Vinegar as a Deodorizer

Do you have a nasty smell on your carpet or rug? No worries as a little bit of vinegar should do the trick.

Prepare warm water and mix in baking soda a tablespoon of vinegar and mix it well in a spray bottle. Spray the solution into the stained or smelly area of your carpet then observe how the strong smell goes away. Dry accordingly.

Why is Vinegar Great for Cleaning?

Vinegar is a staple in our household and its versatility is key as to why we use it all the time. Whether it’s for cooking or dips or any type of solution it sure is very useful.

So what makes it great for cleaning?

Vinegar’s main compound is what we call the acetic acid and it’s the compound that gives the vinegar its acidity.

The right type of vinegar for cleaning is the white vinegar which can be very potent. White vinegar is usually laboratory-produced acetic acid simply combined with water. Its strength is what makes it perfect for cleaning. You can also still dilute it with water further because sometimes it can get pretty strong.

If white vinegar is too much then you can go with something milder like your apple cider vinegar.

So how does it work?

To put it simply vinegar due to its acidity can just easily dissolve dirt buildups. It can remove water stains, soap scum, glue, and many more. It’s also perfect for cleaning windows and mirrors and also for shining wood cabinets and paneling.

Stains from all sorts of cloth and fibers can also be remedied by vinegar, these are multiple types of stains caused by a variety of dirt. Have pets? Vinegar can help remove smell or stain caused by pet urine or residue.

Vinegar precautions and limitations

Of course, vinegar has its limitations and do be careful when applying it especially on delicate fibers or on valuables. It can also scratch marbles or granite. It’s also considered as a good disinfectant but there’s not much evidence or studies to it.

Several claims are saying that vinegar can get rid of something as harmful as salmonella.

Other Uses of Vinegar Aside from Cleaning

Oh, where do we start on this section? Vinegar has tons of application and we’ll just go ahead and mention a few. Take note though that we will be referring to different types of vinegar.

  • Laundry – as we’ve discussed already, vinegar is great for stains. So it’s just natural that it’s a tool when doing your laundry. From nasty armpits sweat stains to dirt, vinegar will help you get rid of stains on your clothes. It can also be made into a homemade laundry detergent bar.
  • Dusting spray – looks like vinegar as a cleaning agent is a trend. So it’s also great as a dusting spray or a part of the mixture that is. Add some essential lemon oil and make your home smell fresh all day.
  • Foot soak – want to relax after a hard day’s work? You may use vinegar mixed with Listerine as a DIY foot soak. Soak your stress away!
  • Wash your rags with it! – Your rags can now be reusable thanks to vinegar. Soak them in and you can use them again.
  • Facial mask – surprise again? Vinegar can also be used as part of a detox facial mask.
  • Mat cleaner – do you do yoga? Then look no further as vinegar can help you disinfect your yoga mat and it’s cheap and effective.
  • Pet-friendly solution – we may have touched on this one earlier, vinegar can help you tremendously when managing pet stains and other dirt that comes with it. It’s also a great smell removal agent.
  • Stinky feet remedy – are you an athlete or just suffering from stinky feet? Maybe you have an active kid. Fret not as vinegar can help you take care of the problem with a simple soaking solution the stink should go away.
  • Detox Bath – after a hard day’s work you’d probably want a refreshing bath time right? Prepare Epsom salt, apple cider vinegar, and don’t forget the bentonite clay and relax your way to end your busy day.

Final Thoughts

Vinegar is sure useful, who would have thought that something you’d usually find on your kitchen counter can greatly combat stains and all sorts of dirt. You’d want it on your arsenal each day to make sure your valuable especially your carpets are kept clean, smelling good, and undamaged.

Surely you’ve picked up a thing or two from our article-How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar and may you apply the techniques we spoke about in your everyday chores.

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