How To Clean Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner?

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How To Clean Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner?

Whether cleaning is a tough job or not, the end result is always so peaceful, isn’t it? While your back may ache a bit, and you run short in time- cleaning perfectly is necessary. You have some parts of your house that you clean daily and there are parts that you clean less often. That’s why all household owners should follow a unique guideline of How to clean carpet with Vacuum Cleaner.

The parts you clean less often are usually harder to clean-like the carpets. Apparently, the most harmful germs are stuck in the carpets. You know how- wool, fur, what not? They cling to the germs, dust, and allergens so well.

But, cleaning a carpet is not easy. Spot cleaning and also manually cleaning with a brush are both difficult and not the most efficient. What comes to the rescue, in this case, is a vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, you need to know how to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Luckily it is quite easy to do if you make the right choices. So, let us check out the factors that matter.

Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner With The Right Parts

Not all carpets are the same and each of them cannot handle all kinds of vacuum cleaners. For example, some vacuum cleaners may be too rough for the carpet you own and others may be too easy on them. Thus, you have to choose a vacuum cleaner that is the right match for your carpet. Or, in another case, you can just choose a versatile vacuum cleaner that meets the requirements of your carpet and also does other jobs around the house easily.

Here are the things you have to consider when choosing the right vacuum cleaner.

The Right Features​

You see what you use on the floor, you cannot use it on the carpet. Apparently, vacuum cleaners often come with features that are only meant for either the floor, a certain type of carpet or carpets in general. The Beater bar features are such a feature.

If you use this feature on floors, you may find scratches and all on the floor. But, if you use it on the carpets then you will find that it brings out the dust very well. Again, another consideration is not all carpets can handle it- the soft ones will be damaged in the long run.

Likewise, there are vacuum cleaners that come with brushes that can be attached or are fixed. Based on your needs, you have to choose which type you want. Because the brushes can damage the floor.

Adjustable Height of the Vacuum Cleaner

You cannot just go crazy and buy many vacuum cleaners for the various parts of your house. Vacuum cleaners with adjustable features like an adjustable height come in handy in such cases. Suppose you clean both your carpet and the floor with the same vacuum cleaner.

In this case, an adjustable height will help the vacuum cleaner climb the carpet easily. You may have to adjust the height yourself or the vacuum cleaner may adjust it automatically. These are things you can consider as well depending on what you find convenient.

The Various Nozzles

It’s not only the features that can be carpet-specific, but you will also find attachments that help you deal with variety very well. You will find attachments for cleaning the corners of the carpets, for a thorough cleaning, for light strokes, etc. That is why you have to determine first what your carpet requires and how you would like to clean it.

Apart from that, you should also consider how easy it is to attach and detach the nozzles. Furthermore, how durable and effective they are. Using the right attachment for the right carpet is extremely important. The knowledge about what to use on what is the first knowledge you should gain when cleaning a carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Steps On How To Clean Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

Here are a few steps you should follow to clean the carpet properly.

Step-1: Get all objects out of the way

You will usually find lots of small or big objects lying around on the carpet when you first get to it. The first task for you is to remove these items from the carpet. Make sure there is no such thing on the carpet that can get sucked in by the vacuum but be stuck at the mouth.

Apart from that, you can also dust these objects before removing them so that when you vacuum, you vacuum every kind of dust there is, whatever be the origin.

Step-2: Dust the carpet

While there are vacuum cleaners that go quite deep and bring out the dust from there, it is better to make the task easier for the vacuum cleaner right? That way, it will also be able to give you better results. So, what you can do is dust the carpet before vacuuming it.
Thus, the vacuum cleaner will pick up the loose dust lying around easily.

Step-3: Go north-south, east-west​

When you are cleaning a carpet then the direction in which you move the vacuum cleaner matters a lot. Because you can see that the fibers of the carpet go many ways and all sides of it have dirt and dust on it. So, the motion you should follow is taking the vacuum cleaner front and back horizontally or vertically first. Then, repeat the same the other way- horizontally/ vertically.

In this way, all the dust from all the sides will be taken care of.

Step-4: The number of times you should clean​

This actually depends on how busy your house is around the carpet, what the carpet is exposed to, and the material of the carpet. If the carpet is made of some material that gets attached to dust easily then it definitely will need cleaning more often.

Usually, you will have to clean the busy, bushy carpets two to three times a week. If anyone has an allergy in your house- you may have to be more frequent. In general, once a week sounds good if it’s not a very busy household.

How to Vacuum a Carpet?

In conclusion

Vacuum cleaning a carpet is not at all difficult. In fact, turn on some music and move to the rhythm. As long as you are following the technique right, you are doing a great job.

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