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Robot vacuums are part of a long line of innovations in the vacuum cleaning industry. It has caught fire and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Of course, it’s not a perfect technology, well not just yet, it’s got some shortcomings but the benefits of using it sure outweighs any of it.

Roomba is the product line of robot vacuums by a company called iRobot, as the name suggests innovation and advancement in technology is their game. This article will shed light on some Roomba features and capabilities and anything that comes in between. How can a Roomba clean multiple rooms? Let’s find out and dive right in!

What is Roomba?

Can Roomba clean multiple rooms

A Roomba is part of a series of robotic autonomous vacuum cleaners manufactured by a company called iRobot. It was first introduced in September of 2002. Boasts a set of features that allows it to navigate floor areas of houses to clean it.

It has obstacle detection sensors that prevent it from stumbling upon anything that is in its path. It has state of the art dirt (any debris) detection system for it to clean as thoroughly as possible. And also, it’s designed to detect steep drops or cliffs so that it could protect itself from any instances of falling and damaging itself.

It’s got 360-degree turn capability and spinner brushes to neatly sweep through square corners. It can be controlled via a remote and also can be setup through its application rather easily and will need very little user intervention needed.

There have already been several product lines of Roomba released throughout the years. With added features and innovations to better clean a household. Adapting each time, the Roomba improves its performance consistently. Also, some components of a Roomba are interchangeable in older or newer product lines.

The latest of the series offers a built-in camera, with onboard mapping and an indoor positioning system/navigation system to efficiently cover a certain area. It’s also developed longer battery life while some have self-charging capabilities to make it autonomous.

We’ll discuss more of Roomba’s capabilities in the next sections of this article.

Who manufactures Roomba?

iRobot is an American company dedicated to advancing technology. Founded in 1990 from members of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab who were designing robots for space exploration and military defense.

Located in Delaware the company is constantly working on robots that are for consumers both for inside and outside home use. The Roomba robot vacuum and Braava floor moppers are some of their most popular products among other cleaning autonomous devices they’ve come up with.

Can Roomba clean multiple rooms?

Now we’ve come to the meat of our discussion, can Roomba clean multiple rooms? The answer is YES definitely but with just these models so far: Roomba i7, Roomba i7+, Roomba 960, and Roomba 980.

All the older models tend to have problems with doing so or is just not capable at all which is understandable. For an autonomous robot vacuum cleaner, it’s not an easy innovation or design to make it capable of cleaning multiple rooms. 

But iRobot and some other manufacturers of robot vacuums have outdone themselves over and over again and the newest models are more than capable of doing so.

Roomba capabilities:

Let’s check out some of the features a Roomba offers!

For pet hair, dirt, crumbs, and the occasional dust Roomba has got you covered. Armed with a powerful state of the art cleaning system, intelligent sensors for seamless movement in your home, and machine learning adaptability. This product is a must-have especially for those living a busy lifestyle.


The reason why your Roomba can move around freely and clean multiple rooms at the same time is because of its intelligent sensors. These smart sensors guide your Roomba across your home.

The robot vacuum makes about 60 decisions every second navigating throughout your home, under furniture or clutter on your floors.

Dirt Detect Sensors as the name of the feature indicates will automatically clean debris, this feature is the occasional messes and high traffic areas. It’s also designed to sweep corners and along walls. It catches dirt, dust, and hair wherever located.

3-Stage Cleaning

The 3-Stage Cleaning system of a Roomba is designed to loosen, lift, and suction debris from different floor types. It uses an Edge Sweeping Brush.

27-degree angle operation for the sweeping brush to effectively remove and suction dust and debris for all corners or edges. It’s dual counter-rotating brushes also works to grab and suck in debris from floors. 

It’s also got a high-efficiency filter to capture 99% of particles like allergens from your household. It’s super effective and makes up for the lack of efficiency all models might have. Now, robot vacuums are more reliable than ever.

Wi-Fi Connected

And the icing on the cake is the iRobot Home App which you can setup and control your Roomba from. Schedule, cancel, start or pause cleaning cycles as desired, anywhere, anytime.

Through this app, you can customize a cleaning schedule and go home to a clean house. Also, you can review cleaning history to make sure your Roomba covered all the right areas.

Wait there’s more! The Roomba vacuum cleaner is also oftentimes compatible to it Braava counterpart. So now you can partner them up for a much thorough clean for a happier and healthier household.

How can a Roomba Clean Multiple Rooms?

Benefits of using a robot vacuum

They are easy to use and time savers!

It’s setup and go kind of device. If you’re someone who just wants to kick back and relax after work, then this is for you. Setup through the app or control through remote then that is it.

Its machine learning capability will also make it more familiar with your premises each day and it should be foolproof in a few weeks so you don’t need to intervene anymore. Some are self-charging so it’s very self-sufficient.


Okay, old models ofrobot vacuums were not as efficient and were inferior in terms of cleaning quality but the ones are different. Due to advances in technology these tiny pieces of cleaning devices are much more efficient now.

Methodical cleaning processes make these vacuum cleaners clean your house thoroughly.

Adaptable on all surfaces

From carpets to wood floors a robot vacuum is sure to work. It’s also great for linoleum or concrete. Plus it’s pet friendly. As discussed earlier robot vacuum cleaners are also pretty thorough on the kind of dirt it’s cleaning.


Its programmability is just super convenient. After all, these technologies should serve our whims and of course, the robot vacuum doesn’t fail in doing so. Schedule it, set boundaries and you should be good to go.


It is compact, it’s small so it won’t get in your way. It’s an all in one cleaning device so you won’t need anything else. It’s easy to store and easy to transport. We’re pretty sure that the innovation won’t stop here so stay tuned!

Great for senior citizens

We’ve been rambling about how it’s fit for people with busy lifestyles but what about older people? This is perfect for them as this will become their tiny little helper!

Final Thoughts…

Robot vacuums are valuable assets for your household so that you can save time and energy when living a busy lifestyle. Of course, it’s not a replacement for a good old-fashioned cleaning session we do but still, it’s a great tool to make things manageable.

These robot vacuums such as the Roomba we’ve discussed won’t stop on advancing, at least not anytime soon. So make sure to watch out for any upcoming models so that you can figure out properly which one would soon fit your lifestyle. Thanks for checking out our article and have a great day!

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