Bissell vs Hoover Vacuums: Which Brand Is Best?

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Have you ever dreamt of having a house, where every floor and households will remain neat and clean for days after days without any human touch? If you have ever done this, you better stop daydreaming. There’s no such magic of keeping your house cleaned without any effort. 

Now, for cleaning your house, what you should be equipped with? A broom and a shovel? Ok, if you want to have back pain or something like that and sweat a lot, you can continue this laborious way. But, for comfortable and painless cleaning work, you have to choose a suitable vacuum cleaner.

Coming to the topic of vacuum cleaners, let me find you a perfect one that suits your requirements. If you have a lot of furry friends in your home or your house is near a sandy area, you should be worried a lot about keeping your house neat every day.

Here, I will analyze and compare two dominating and prominent brands in the cleaning industry, who are successfully ruling the market for more than 100 years. Yes, I’m talking about Bissell Inc. and the Hoover Company. 

So, without further ado, let’s start our detailed guide on Bissell vs Hoover Vacuum!

Overview Of The Bissell Vacuum

Being one of the most trustworthy brands in the United States’ cleaning industry, Bissell has been magnificently producing various highly-efficient vacuums and carpet cleaners to hold their long historical reputation for over 140 years. 

There are so many varieties of vacuuming products manufactured by Bissell. You can find upright, cordless, handheld, or robot type vacuuming variants in their shops.

You can also find them within a wide variety of price ranges and models. They are available from manual mode to automatic mode for operating options. The AI-enabled robotic vacuums of Bissell have also taken a significant place in the market.

Bissell’s budget-conscious marketing policy has also made them one of the reliable and demanding brands. They provide not only budget-friendly products but also ensure supreme quality.

Overview of the Hoover Vacuum

Starting its vacuum products’ business at the beginning of the 20th century, Hoover has been providing highly-efficient and user-friendly products for more than 100 years.

Being one of the most reliable brands in the USA, it designs products that are useful for cleaning from floor to ceiling. Its varieties of products include both bagless/bagged canister and upright vacuums, as well as handheld and robotic type vacuums.

They are also available within various ranges of models and pricing. Having a budget-friendly marketing policy, Hoover ensures premium quality products for an affordable price range.

Bissell vs Hoover Vacuum: Which Is The Best?

Both of these two brands have been promising and prominent names in the vacuum cleaning industry for more than 100 years. If you ask for suggestions to any vacuum cleaner user about the most reliable vacuum cleaners, without any doubt these two brands will be on their top 5 list.

Both Bissell and Hoover are promisingly designing innovative and cutting-edge products to cover up the messes created at your home daily. Maybe, it’s your pets or your children, whoever makes your floor unpleasant, these vacuum cleaners can sweep away your worries with just a little effort.

Now, I am going to help you with the decision about which vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaning brand you should prefer. I will show you a comparison between Bissell vs Hoover vacuum and display 5 different categories of them depending on which you will be able to figure out which brand is the best for you.

1. Bissell vs Hoover: Which Is The Best Carpet Cleaner?

Here, I will be discussing the difference between the two best carpet cleaners manufactured by Bissell and Hoover respectively. We have here Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution carpet cleaner which will be compared with Hoover Smartwash Automatic carpet cleaner. Interpreting their features, description, pros, cons I will distinguish their cleaning capabilities and characteristics.

So, let’s have a look between Bissell vs Hoover vacuum carpet cleaner.

Product BISSELL ProHeat BISSELL ProHeat 2X Hoover FH52000Hoover FH52000
Weight 18 pounds 18.49 pounds,
Dimenssion 15x12.5x43.5 inches 18.9x13x43.5 inches
Clean tank capacity  1 gallon  1 gallon
Cleaning Path  11 In  12 In
Hose length 7 feet 8 feet
Cord length 22 feet 12 feet
Heatwave Technology Available Available
Tools included  Pet stain tool and 3 inches tough stain tool Antimicrobial Pet Tool, 8 ft. Hose, Cleaning Solution Sample, Storage Bag
Surface type Low pile Carpet, area rug, upholstery Carpet, area rugs
Color Orange White
Warranty 3 Year Limited  5 Year

Bissell Carpet Cleaner: BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution 1548F carpet cleaner is ideal for a home where kids and pets create messes frequently. Don’t worry, let them have their fun and also let the ProHeat 2X do its own duty for you.

You can both clean the carpet comfortably and dry it within a very short time with this Bissell item. They will let you choose between quick mode and express mode so that the carpet gets dried within only about 30 minutes.

The latest technologies Bissell has applied to this carpet cleaner will let you clean your carpet smoothly. Like, double brush-rolls, separated water tanks, and heatwave technology for quick-drying have made this carpet cleaning machine full-fledged.


  • Separated tanks for dirty and clean water: Unlike the designs having a single tank partitioned for dirty and clean water, Bissell ProHeat offers two separate tanks for two types of water, preventing contamination.
  • Lighter weight: This model offers a lightweight design of about 18 pounds. And that makes it easier to carry and uplift it towards stairs when cleaning.
  • Dual Dirt-Lifter power Brushes: For heavy-duty cleaning 12 rows of rotating power brushes are attached. These ensure deep cleaning and removal of stains, odors, and dirt.
  • Three modes of cleaning: Bissell 1548F is provided with three modes of cleaning. Now, you can choose any of them according to your circumstances.
  • User-friendly controlling: You will be able to control the soapy water flow by just holding and releasing the squeeze trigger. Other switches like power switch or cleaning mode switch are placed in a reliable manner.
  • Low-profile floor head: With this Bissell carpet cleaner you can clean the area even under the furniture because of its low-profile head and easier maneuverability.
  • Heatwave technology: You don’t have to worry about maintaining the water temperature inside the tank. This heatwave technology will do that for you.
  • Provides with useful tools: You will get two types of hand tools with the complete package. One hand tool is suitable for cleaning liquid spills and another is ideal for cleaning pet’s bed, furniture, stairs, etc.


  • Can be operated in three different cleaning modes
  • Heatwave technology, for keeping the optimum temperature of the water
  • Lightweight design
  • Two types of tools provided for different cleaning purposes
  • 7 feet hose is ideal for extended movement
  • Two separate tanks for dirty and clean water
  • 12 rows of rotating dirt-lifter power brushes


  • Water needs to be changed more frequently when cleaning a spacious area

Hoover Carpet Cleaner: Hoover Smartwash FH52000

Hoover Smartwash Automatic carpet cleaner FH52000 comes with automatic features that let you be free from tiresome cleaning.

The automatic features simplify the carpet cleaning work, as it determines by itself whether to wash or dry. The latest technologies and innovative design have made this model very handy.

The exclusive features, as well as positive and negative aspects of this Hoover product I am going to present below, will give you a crystal clear idea of it.


  • Auto mixing: This carpet cleaner will make you free form toilsome liquid mixing work. It will automatically prepare a balanced cleaning mixture.
  • Auto-cleaning: Hoover Smartwash automatically determines when to wash and when to dry, making your cleaning work struggle-free.
  • Auto drying: In automatic mode, it will both suck the water out and then dry the carpet forcing heated air on it.
  • User-friendly automatic controlling: Except switching it ‘on’ or ‘off’, there are no other buttons need to be pressed during cleaning. The automatic features will keep your cleaning work functional.
  • Dual Brushes: Two helically designed and rubber made brushes are very effective when cleaning the dirt located deep down into the carpet pile.
  • Low-profile head: You will be able to clean the area underneath the furniture and appliances with its lower profile head.
  • Separated tanks for different liquids: It provides three different tanks for higher efficiency. One tank for water, other for cleaning liquid, and another for dirty water.
  • 12-inch cleaning area: Wider cleaning area of 12 inches makes sure a faster cleaning work.
  • 8 feet long hose: Longer reachability due to adequately lengthy hose ensures comfortable and trouble-free cleaning.


  • Automatically mixes the cleaning solution
  • Automatic washing and drying
  • Wider cleaning path allows faster cleaning
  • Efficient and easy controllability
  • Separated tanks for different liquids
  • Double brush rolls ensure deep cleaning
  • Powerful suction for thorough cleaning
  • Low lying head will ease cleaning narrow spaced areas
  • The longer hose makes it easier to reach farther areas


  • Shorter cord limits the movement
  • A smaller clean water tank will require you to change water frequently.

Which Is The Best Carpet Cleaner?

Well, it’s difficult to determine which one is best for you. You need to decide for yourself, which is a better option for you. Let’s have a look at some distinguishing points.

Since Hoover Smartwash has got higher suction, it will definitely clean dirt and stains more effectively than the one from Bissell.

Besides, if you want longevity and more automation when cleaning, you should prefer Hoover to Bissell in this carpet cleaning competition between these two.

However, Bissell has heatwave technology that maintains the water temperature automatically. Whereas, Hoover offers automatic drying and washing feature that definitely overwhelms Bissell ProHeat.

2. Bissell vs Hoover: Which is the Best Upright Vacuum?

Different factors should be considered when choosing one of these two types of upright vacuums. But don’t hesitate to take a look into their features and description I am gonna mention below.

Here I will introduce you to Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet upright bagless vacuum cleaner green 2252, which will be compared with Hoover Windtunnel Max bagged upright vacuum UH30600. Hopefully, reading this comparison, you will find out the better one, fit for your needs.

Product Bissell 2252Bissell Cleanview 2252 Hoover UH30600Hoover Windtunnel UH30600
Weight 18.01 pounds 14.99 pounds
Dimenssion 13 x 14 x 44.5 inches 15.7 x 12.5 x 31.8 inches
Dirt Tank/Bag capacity 1.0 Liter 2.9 Liters
Cleaning Path 13.5 Inches 15 Inches
Hose length 6 feet 11 feet
Cord length 27 feet 30 feet
Cleaning System Multi-Cyclonic Suction System WindTunnel MAX Technology
Tools included Brush attachment, Nozzle and Pet hair tool Upholstery/dusting brush, Telescoping Extension Wand, air powered hand tool and Crevice tool
Surface type Hard Floor Upholstery
Color Green Pet Red
Warranty 3-Year Limited  2-Year Limited Warranty

BISSELL Upright Vacuum: Bissell Cleanview 2252

Just don’t worry if you have one or a lot of furry pets roaming around your house and leaving some traces of them. Yes, I’m talking about numerous furs fallen form their body.

Now, it would be impossible for you to remove all those fur from your carpet’s fiber. But, as I’ve said, don’t you worry, at all. I am presenting to you the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum 2252.

This magnificent savior will rescue your carpet from those annoying hairs and clean it completely. Now, I’m gonna show you some features and specs of this handy machine and you will find the remarkable services it offers.


  • Triple-action brushroll: Having a Triple-helix brushroll, Bissell Cleanview 2252 works fine at lifting and removing deep-down dirt or pet hair from the high-pile to medium-pile carpets.
  • Scatter free cleaning: The brush pattern of this vacuum is specifically designed for avoiding scattering of the dirt when cleaning.
  • Scratch-free cleaning: The bristles of the brushroll rotates in a gentle way that it will not leave any grisly scratches on the floor.
  • Edge to edge cleaning capability: The side brushes will also allow this vacuum to catch up dirt from edges and corners wonderfully.
  • Swivel steering: Bissell Cleanview 2252 has a swivel neck that lets you steer the vacuum underneath or in between the furniture.
  • Multi-cyclonic suction: This feature of this vacuum enables it to separate dust and dirt particles from the air, preventing filter clogging.
  • Washable filter: You will be able to detach the filter and wash it in order to maintain the proper suction power of the vacuum.
  • Stretchable hose: To ensure smooth maneuverability, the hose provided has a longer length.
  • Larger dirt cup: You will be surprised that this vacuum offers a dustbin of 1-liter capacity. That is suitable for long time hassle-free cleaning.


  • Powerful vacuum, fit for most floor types
  • Great capability for capturing pet’s hair and dirt
  • Large-sized dirt cup
  • Edge to edge cleaning ensures proper cleaning
  • The multi-cyclonic suction system prevents suction loss
  • Scatter free tech prevents creating messes
  • Swivel steering helps cleaning narrow areas
  • The filter can be washed


  • Poor materials may cause early breakdown
  • Frequent filter clogging problem may be an irritating issue

Hoover Upright Vacuum: Hoover Windtunnel UH30600

Here, I am presenting a completely packaged vacuum: Hoover Windtunnel Max bagged upright vacuum UH30600. It offers a perfect cleaning with heavy suction and a wider cleaning path.

The surprising feature it offers is the HEPA type filtration. Because of this type of vacuum bag, the allergy sufferers won’t have to suffer when cleaning. The bag disposal process is also easy and trouble-free.

So, let’s take a look at the features and facilities it offers to assure a nice and tidy floor in your home.


  • WindTunnel Max technology: It offers 3 channels of strong suction, that is ideal for deep cleaning.
  • HEPA filter: This type of filter removes 99.97% of the particles having a size of 0.3 microns or larger.
  • One-touch bag door: Easy and faster access to the dirt collecting bag.
  • Easy reach power button: The power button is placed in a convenient position for your reach.
  • Stretchable Hose: WindTunnel Max stretch hose is suitable for reaching higher and distant areas easily.
  • Wider cleaning path: 15 inches of cleaning path ensures more area covered when cleaning.
  • Bag check Indicator: When the bag becomes full you will find an indicating light.
  • Floor adjustment: Multiple floor adjustment enables it to switch between hard-floor and carpet surfaces.


  • Longer power cord
  • Stronger suction
  • Longer stretching hose
  • Anti-allergy HEPA filters
  • Assembly is simple
  • Belt and brushroll can be accessed easily
  • Bag check indicator for easy observation
  • Easily disposable dirtbags
  • The wider clean path makes cleaning faster


  • A little bit heavier
  • HEPA bags are costly

Which Is The Best Upright Vacuum?

Now, it’s time to decide which upright vacuum is better between these two. Well, HEPA filter has an additional advantage and it is very important when there is any allergic person at home. In this case, Hoover WindTunnel should be your priority.

On the other hand, Bissell Cleanview has a wonderful ability to perform cleaning on all types of surfaces. Besides, it has a flexible configuration for cleaning areas that are hard to reach. In these cases, Bissell Cleanview overcomes Hoover WindTunnel.

However, in addition, if you are in a tight budget, think of Bissell Cleanview only, since Hoover WindTunnel is far pricier than it. Nonetheless, you have to consider other suitable factors too.

3. Bissell vs Hoover: Which Is The Best Robot Vacuum?

Don’t have enough time for a thorough cleaning or vacuuming your floors? Don’t be bothered at all. Both Bissell and Hoover have a solution for your busy lifestyle.

Here I will be discussing two efficient robotic vacuum cleaners brought by these two vacuum oriented brands. These robot vacuums will do your cleaning task even in your absence. Let’s see what they offer.

Product BISSELL EV675BISSELL EV675 Robot Vacuum Hoover 970Hoover Rogue 970
Weight 6.62 pounds 7.5 pounds
Dimenssion 12.75 x 12.75 x 3.5 inches 13.6 x 13.6 x 3.8 inches
Dirt Cup Capacity 0.4 Liter 0.6 Liters
Bag Type Bagless Bagless
Runtime Up to 100 minutes Up to 120 Minutes
Charge time More than 2 Hours 3 Hours
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Surface Hard Floor Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpet, Area Rugs,Carpet, Bare Floors, Sealed Wood Floors, Large Area
Remote Control Yes No
Wi-Fi control No Yes
Tools included Bonus Filter, Side Brushes and Docking Station Docking Station and
Cleaning Tool
Color Black with Disco Teal Accents Black
Warranty 1-Year Limited warranty  1-Year Limited Warranty

BISSELL Robot Vacuum: BISSELL EV675 Robot Vacuum

Firstly, I am introducing you to the BISSELL EV675 Robot Vacuum, which is basically a programmable robot for cleaning purposes. However, you can alter the control with a remote control in order to customize your cleaning style.

It offers a triple-action cleaning method which comprises dual edge brushes as well as a rotating brushroll. Don’t underestimate this little monster’s suction power. It’s got enough power to collect all the pet hairs and debris surrounding your floor.

Let’s find out what other features and specs this robotic cleaning assistant offers to you.


  • Powerful cleaning: It performs fine in multiple types of floors, like hard floor to medium-pile carpets.
  • Quiet operation: It won’t make irritating noise like other types of vacuums.
  • Triple Action cleaning: It has a trio cleaning combination including two edge brushes and a brushroll.
  • Schedule cleaning: You can set up cleaning times for this robot. When you are not around, it can automatically clean up your floor in scheduled times.
  • Remote controlling: Four types of modes like auto mode, spiral spot mode, wall mode, and single room mode are available for remote controlling.
  • Multiple surface cleaning ability: This robot can perform its duty on various types of floors as well as on medium-pile carpets.
  • Automatic cliff detector: You don’t have to worry, whether or not your robot cleaner will fall off the edges or stairs. Here, it will automatically detect such areas and keep itself away from falling.
  • Thin and slick design: This robot vacuum cleaner has a low-profile design and can easily get entrance underneath the furniture.
  • Recharging by itself: You will be tension free from charging your robot cleaner, as it does its own charging by itself.


  • Strong suction power
  • Quiet operation when cleaning
  • Batteries are long-lasting
  • Can clean various types of floors
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Dirt disposal is easier
  • The thin shape allows cleaning under furniture
  • Has self-charging capability
  • Affordable price


  • Run time of battery might be shorter than advertised
  • It is incapable in high-pile carpets

Hoover Robot Vacuum: Hoover Rogue 970

Hoover, retaining its reputation in the cleaning industry, has also dedicated itself to manufacturing robotic vacuum cleaners. Its Hoover Rogue 970 Robot vacuum is a perfect choice for your busy life.

Having so many magnificent features, it will definitely impress you and lessen your hassles. High tech build-up with Wi-Fi connectivity, controllability from phone app, and the auto-charging feature will provide you with a neat and tidy home automatically.


  • Floor mapping and remembering: This Hoover Rogue robot has a brilliant ability of laser mapping your floors using Robart technology. Also, it will remember the floor layout in the future.
  • Tri-cleaning capacity: It has dual brushes and a main brushroll which plays an important role to grab all dirt and debris efficiently.
  • Area Selection: You can navigate the robot and control the area where you want it to clean or not. You can block any area, where it won’t be able to enter.
  • Vocal command: You can control it through your voice command.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: You can have access to it from anywhere through the ‘Hoover Home’ app.
  • Excessive dirt detection: Whenever it finds a heavily dirty area, it will slow down and maximize its cleaning power.
  • Auto-recharging: After completion of cleaning work, it will return to the charging dock by itself.
  • Phone app navigation: You will be able to design the cleaning area for the robot and also arrange the cleaning schedule.
  • Longer runtime: It will provide you with a 120-minute long cleaning time.
  • Sensing Cliffs and edges: It has a built-in sensor for not to go over the cliffs and stairs. So, don’t worry about damaging your robotic cleaning companion.


  • Floor mapping technology allows tension free roaming
  • Controlling via Wi-Fi
  • Scheduling through a phone app
  • Voice command control
  • Remembers the floor layout of the home
  • Automatically detect the extent of dirt
  • Senses the corners and cliff areas
  • The outstanding tri-cleaning system doesn’t leave any dirt on the floor


  • Not effective on high pile carpets
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is not so strong

Which Is The Best Robot Vacuum?

Well, here you will have to face a giant fact: Do you want a fully automated cleaner or a little bit less automation will be ok? Keeping this in mind, you have to decide which robotic vacuum is best for you.

Now, the Hoover Rouge 970 robot vacuum is not just a typical robot. It’s more than that, it’s far smarter than the Bissell EV675 robot vacuum. Wi-Fi connectivity, voice command controlling, phone app navigation, virtual wall technology, and so many magnificent features have overshadowed the robotic features of Bissell EV675.

However, you have to consider another important factor, the budget. All of the outstanding features offered by Hoover 970 come with an extra cost. So, if you have a lower budget, then you should probably go for the Bissell EV675 vacuum.

4. Bissell Vs Hoover: Which Is The Best Cordless Vacuum?

Let’s assume, you are too tired of bringing and carrying your heavier upright vacuum and because of this, you often skip cleaning your floor. Whatever the reasons are, you can solve this issue with a cordless stick vacuum.

Now, when it comes to choosing the best cordless vacuum, you are gonna need some studies about the best cordless vacuums in the market. Well, I am gonna help you with my study about the two best cordless vacuums offered by both Bissell and Hoover. Let’s go deep into that study.

Product Bissell 1984Bissell 1984 AirRam Hoover BH50010Hoover Linx Cordless BH50010
Weight 7.75 pounds 7.3 pounds
Dimenssion 11.75 x 9.9 x 44 inches 10.63 x 8 x 25 inches
Dirt Cup Capacity 0.4 Liters 0.62 liters (Dia - 4 In and Hight - 3 In)
Type Cordless Cordless
Runtime Up to 40 Minutes Less than Bissell
Charge time 4 Hours  3 Hours
Battery Type 22V Lithium Ion Battery 18V Lithium Ion Battery
Surface Low Pile Carpet, Carpet, Stairs, Hard Floors, Bare Floors Hard Floor, Carpet
Tools included Battery and Battery Charger Battery, Battery Charger and
Easy Rinse Filter
Color Green Air Ram Metallic Black and ash
Warranty 2-year limited warranty 2-year limited warranty

Bissell Cordless Vacuum: Bissell 1984 AirRam

Let’s get introduced with a powerful machine brought exclusively by Bissell. We have here, Bissell 1984 AirRam Cordless Vacuum, which will provide you with a convenient cleaning when you are too tired of dragging heavy vacuums.

Having a powerful suction, Bissell AirRam can perform cleaning on carpets, rugs, hard floors with excellence. It will give you a cleaning company for up to 40 minutes. Now, let’s find out the exclusive features of it as well as the positives and negatives.


  • Cordless cleaning: You don’t have to drag any cord or carry them along with the vacuum. The cordless feature is perfect for trouble-free cleaning.
  • Longer Battery backup: It can give you the company up to 40 minutes within one-time charging.
  • Lightweight design: Lower weight and a collapsible handle will allow you to carry it easily.
  • Multiple type surface cleaning: Having a powerful brushroll, it can perform cleaning on hardwood floors to high-pile carpets.
  • Excellent maneuverability: With an easily usable handle and swivel steering, you can move this vacuum effortlessly and comfortably.
  • LED lighting for dirt checking: For effective cleaning, you can turn the LED light on and observe if any debris or dirt is left on the floor.
  • Removable dirt cup: The disposal process is easier. A slider is available in the dirt bin to dispose of the dirt completely.
  • Self-standing: It doesn’t need any rack or port to stand vertically. Instead, it can stand by itself because of its design.


  • Dirt can be easily emptied from dirt bin
  • Long time battery backup
  • Removable battery for easy charging
  • The cordless feature is an amazing advantage
  • Picks up pets’ hair, dirt, debris efficiently
  • The LED light makes dirt observation easy
  • Multiple types of floors can be cleaned
  • Low profile design makes it possible to clean underneath of furniture


  • No attachments are included in the package

Hoover Cordless Vacuum: Hoover Linx Cordless BH50010

Hoover has also brought lightweight and compact designed cordless stick vacuums in the market. Here, I will analyze the basics of Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010. It has an exclusive slick design as well as cordless and bagless features.

Having a reasonable and affordable price tag it will not disappoint you when cleaning issue comes. It offers better cleaning compared with most other cordless vacuums. Let’s see how many facilities it offers to us.


  • Lightweight: Relatively lower weight will not make you exhausted when cleaning.
  • Low profile design: Easily, you will able to clean underneath the furniture without hassles.
  • Multiple floor type: It can continue cleaning even in a transition from carpets to hard floors.
  • Easy dirt disposal: Dirt can be emptied by pushing a single button.
  • Comfortable battery system: Cleaning is more convenient with the help of the interchangeable batteries.
  • Lower noise: In a test, its operating noise was observed only 75 decibels, which is harmless to our eardrums.
  • Powerful Cleaning: Having a powerful brushroll with its own motor it confirms an energetic floor cleaning.


  • Wider cleaning path
  • Edge cleaning bristles clean efficiently
  • Transparent dirt bin will show you when to empty it
  • Low profile design helps to clean underneath furniture
  • Lightweight makes it easier to carry
  • Easily adapt the transition between hard floor and carpet.
  • No need of any stands or racks for its storage
  • Dirt cup can be emptied easily


  • A bit of bulky and inconvenient when cleaning stairs
  • The base doesn’t swivel, which lacks maneuverability.

Which Is The Best Cordless Vacuum?

Now, let me help you decide which one will be better for you. Well, at first, if you are in a low budget you should take the Hoover Linx Cordless vacuum. Otherwise, Bissell offers a lot of attractive features that may impress you and may make you alter your decision.

If we just look at the runtime, you will be surprised that, Bissell AirRam cordless offers a longer runtime. That means it has a more powerful battery than the Hoover Linx. So, keeping that in mind, you can avail the longer runtime If you bring Bissell AirRam cordless vacuum at your home.

5. Bissell Vs Hoover: Which Is The Best Handheld Vacuum?

I think, sometimes you wish for such a vacuum cleaner that won’t require you to lift a heavy load or carry a long cord with it. For example, if there is a smaller liquid spillage or mess of your favorite pet’s fur, you will want a portable vacuum cleaner which is handy for that situation.

They may not offer a deep cleaning like full-sized vacuum cleaners but, can perform excellently when cleaning smaller messes. Furthermore, you can keep them in your workshop or use them when cleaning your car interior.

Now, I will show you two best handheld vacuum cleaners manufactured by both Bissell and Hoover. Let me help you choose the better one.

Product Bissell 33A1Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 Hoover ONEPWRHoover ONEPWR Cordless
Weight 4.2 pounds 3 pounds
Dimenssion 10 x 5 x 8 inches 16.5 x 5 x 6.5 inches
Dirt Cup Capacity 0.78 liter XL dirt cup
Type Corded Handheld Cordless Hand Held Vacuum
Power Source Corded ONPWR 2. 0 Ah Battery
Surface Stairs, Upholstery, Hard surfaces Quick pickup around the house
Tools included Crevice Tool, Hard Nozzle Attachment, Bissell - Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Hand Vac - Black Pearl, Pet Contour Nozzle, Rinsable Filter, On-Board Crevice Tool, ONPWR 2. 0 Ah Battery, Charger,
Color Pink White
Warranty 1-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty

Bissell Handheld Vacuum: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1

I hope pets are lovely and adorable to you. But you often get irritated with their traces of hairs all over your place. Don’t feel troubled, Bissell has got your problem solved. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Corded 33A1 is exclusively designed for the purpose of cleaning pet hairs.

All over your chairs or sofa, there might be lots of pet hairs. Bring the Bissell handheld vacuum and clean up the messes easily with just some strokes. This vacuum can smoothly clean your chairs or sofa, as they get fit into them conveniently. Let’s see some features of it.


  • Two types of nozzles: One is rubber made (for pet hair) nozzle, another is hard nozzle (for dry dirt or debris)
  • Excellent design: Lightweight and compact design make it both look and work smarter.
  • Cyclonic cleaning: The Bissell handheld vacuum is designed with the cyclonic type cleaning system.
  • Longer cord: The cord length is sufficient for your movability.
  • Versatile usability: This little piece of the machine can be used for cleaning pet hairs, upholstery, stairs, or even car interior.
  • Easy dirt disposal: The bagless dirt bin is easy to detach and clean.
  • Transparent dirt bin: It is easy to observe the quantity of dirt inside the bin when cleaning.
  • User-friendly handle: The ergonomic handle, designed for this vacuum cleaner gives not only easier handling but also a nicer look.


  • The lighter weight makes it easy to hold and move the vacuum when cleaning
  • Focused on cleaning pet hairs especially
  • Two types of nozzles for two types of cleaning purposes
  • Relatively lower priced than other types of vacuums
  • HEPA filters are used to prevent the risk of respiratory problems.
  • Good quality ensured within a cheap price
  • Dirt disposal is very easy


  • For cleaning larger areas, it is not perfect, as it has a smaller dirt bin
  • Shorter power cord

Hoover Handheld Vacuum: Hoover ONEPWR Cordless

You may wanna have a handheld vacuum cleaner when you have a smaller living room and where it’s difficult to carry and move a full-sized vacuum. Now, Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Handheld vacuum cleaner has got impressive popularity in the market for its outstanding features. 

Below, I will discuss the features and specs offered by this little user-friendly machine and let you decide if it is enough for your requirements.


  • Lightweight design: Very light to hold, it will ease your cleaning and won’t cause tiredness, as you can hold it with your one hand.
  • Cordless: Unlike most other handheld vacuums, it is cordless and lets you roam around your room and clean without troubles.
  • Powerful suction: The suction power for collecting dirt is enough and impressive.
  • Compact structure: All necessary cleaning elements are embedded into a single piece of machine.
  • Battery-powered: You don’t have to plug any power cord. Instead, batteries are used for powering it up.
  • Easy dirt disposal: The dirt cup can be easily dismantled and cleaned up.
  • Reaching difficult areas: The onboard crevice tool is suitable for reaching corners and tight gaps.


  • Powerful suction and quicker response for cleaning dirt
  • Dirt disposal is struggle-free
  • Lightweight, easy to lift and carry
  • Battery-powered, no need to drag cords
  • Powerful battery has strong backup
  • Built-in crevice tool to reach and clean corners
  • Compact design allows you to store it easily


  • Crevice tool design is not so smart

Which Is The Best Handheld Vacuum?

Both of them are useful for making your cleaning task comfortable and handy. But, if you have to choose one between these two, then, you should look into some facts. Bissell 33A1 is corded and Hoover ONEPWR offers a cordless handheld vacuum.

Now, if you are willing to roam tension-free in your space and clean without carrying any power cords, then you should go for Hoover ONEPWR BH57005.

However, Hoover’s handheld will cost you more than the Bissell 33A1. If you don’t wanna spend much from your wallet, then you can get the Bissell 33A1 paying much less.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing The Best Bissell Vacuum?

In order to keep your floor neat and clean, you ought to choose a perfect vacuum which will help you with your cleaning responsibilities. Bissell, the name associated with the cleaning industry, has been dominating the market with its outstanding cleaning products.

Now, it’s also difficult to choose one of Bissell’s products, as there are various factors you have to consider before getting the right Bissell model. Factors like bagged or bagless aspect, dirt cleaning capacity, power consumption, cordless or plugged features, etc. need to be checked.

Now, I am gonna show what should be considered when choosing the best Bissell vacuum:

Considering vacuum types:

Several types of vacuums are offered by Bissell. Like upright, canister, stick, robotic, and handheld. Upright and canister vacuums are used for heavy and deep cleaning. Whereas, robotic and handheld vacuums don’t do that much deep cleaning. Stick vacuums are the medium player here, you may choose them for moderate use.

Choosing between bagged or bagless:

Bagless vacuums will force you to change the bag when they are full, so, they cost much. On the other hand, bagless vacuums have a container for collecting dirt and you have to empty it after a cleaning task.

Filter and breathing issue:

A normal micron filter will be enough if there aren’t any members suffering from allergies or asthma at your home. But, if there is anyone like that, you have to choose a vacuum with HEPA filtration.

Suction Power:

You have to keep in mind that, canister vacuums have the highest suction power and stick vacuums or robotic vacuums have comparatively low suction power. Upright vacuums have a power rating in between them.

Adjustable floor settings:

If you have both carpet-covered area and bare hard floor area at your home, you should have a vacuum that offers adjustment for multiple floors.

Corded or cordless:

Corded vacuums will need you to carry a cord with it when moving from floor to floor. Whereas, cordless vacuums will allow you to roam freely and comfortably.

Pet hair cleaning capacity:

If you have one or a lot of pets in your home, you should bring a vacuum having a tangle-free brushroll, which can easily prevent clogging and sticking pet hairs.

Price consideration:

You have to look at this point seriously if you are in a budget. Robotic vacuums cost somewhat higher than the other vacuums like from $220 to $400. Canisters range from $100 to $300. While upright costs $60 to $300 and the stick vacuums will cost you between $30 and $230.

Now, having considered the above factors you have to decide which Bissell vacuum cleaner is best for you.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing The Best Hoover Vacuum?

Having been running their business for more than 100 years, there are so many types of Hoover vacuums available in the market. However, you gotta consider some factors when choosing the best one of its products. Let’s find out what you should keep in mind choosing the best one:

Vacuum types:

Among various types of vacuums, you may choose the canister vacuum, which has a separate tank for dirt, or, you may choose upright vacuums which is an ideal type vacuum cleaner.

However, there are other types of vacuums, such as automatic or robotic type, cordless stick type, and handheld type.

Self- propelled feature:

This is an exceptional feature offered by Hoover. This model includes a motor that makes it easier to move the vacuum forward. This feature is also useful when cleaning high-pile carpets.

Bagless or bagged:

The bagless vacuums use a container for collecting dirt and it is environment friendly. On the other hand, bagged vacuums are costlier, since they need to be replaced when they get full.

Price tag:

You have to look at the price of various Hoover vacuums when you have a fixed budget. Handheld models are cheaper and start from $60. Canister and upright vacuums range from $120 to $300. Now, if you have a higher budget, then self-propelled or robotic vacuums can add luxury to your home

Considering the above factors, you can now decide which Hoover product suits your requirement the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What’s the best type of Bissell vacuum for hard flooring?

Ans. Having a hard floor in your home, you can take the stick cordless vacuums from Bissell. But, if there are any pet or asthma, allergy suffering people in your home, then Bissell’s canister vacuums will be the best choice for you.

Ques. How often do I need to change the filters in my Bissell vacuum?

Ans. Firstly, follow the instructions from the manufacturer and check the filter changing intervals. Generally, HEPA filters last for about 2-3 years, whereas micron filters will need to be replaced after two months since installation.

Ques. Does Hoover use HEPA filters?

Ans. Yes, Hoover uses HEPA filters into its vacuums. In fact, Hoover itself sells and uses its own manufactured HEPA filters which you can buy from Amazon or Hoover’s own website.

Ques. Do I need a big budget for a Hoover vacuum cleaner?

Ans. Well, you will get the answer when you consider your own requirements. The price varies according to the type of vacuums you are gonna buy. The handheld vacuums are the cheapest. Canister and the upright vacuum will cost you a medium level price range. But, if you want a luxurious touch, then buy a robotic vacuum, which costs the most.

Final Words

Hoover and Bissell – both of them are associated with the vacuum cleaner market for more than a century. Both offer an ample variety of cleaning products including vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, and so on.

As we have discussed the comparison between Bissell vs Hoover vacuum, we have come to know that they are tough competitors to each other. Both of them have numerous cleaning products for different purposes such as upright, canister, handheld, cordless stick, robotic, carpet cleaner, and so on.

If you’ve read the above Bissell vs Hoover vacuum cleaning products’ descriptions, you must’ve known that each product of them has unique potentials and you can have them according to your requirements without any doubt.

I hope the features and specifications provided with each product will make you crystal clear about which one you should choose.

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