Top 5 Best Gas Powered Pole Saws in 2021 [Don’t Buy Before You Read This]

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Despite the global interest for people to shop for environment-friendly tools, the importance of using gas-powered pole saws has never gone down. YES, they are little heavier than the electrical counterparts. However, considering the power of gas engines, they make trimming stubborn branches and shrubs easier for you.

Having said that, finding the perfect option from hundreds of products could be time consuming. Fortunately, our experts are well versed on this and shared their reviews on the best gas powered pole saws. In this article, we are about to present their findings below, but before we do so here is the list of the top 5 gas powered pole saws available to date:

  1. Best Overall: Maxtra 2-cycle Gas Pole Saw
  2. Best Budget: Poulan Pro PR28PS
  3. Longest Gas Pole Saw: Husqvarna 525PT5S
  4. Best for Non-Professional Use: Remington RM25PS
  5. Best for Medium Sized Garden: Blue Max 53542

Top 5 Best Gas powered Pole Saws: Comparison Table

Best OverallMaxtra 2-cycle Gas Pole Saw Maxtra 2-cycle Gas Pole Saw
  • Engine capacity: 47.2 cc
  • Pole Extension: 8.2 -11.4 ft
  • Bar Length: 10-inch
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Best Budget Poulan Pro PR28PS Poulan Pro PR28PS
  • Engine capacity: 28 cc
  • Pole Extension: 12 ft
  • Bar Length: 8-inch
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Rating: 9 out of 10
Husqvarna 525PT5S Husqvarna 525PT5S
  • Engine capacity: 25.4cc
  • Pole Extension: 13 ft
  • Bar Length: 12-inch
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Rating: 8.7 out of 10
Remington RM25PS Remington RM25PS
  • Engine capacity: 25cc
  • Pole Extension: 7 ft
  • Bar Length: 8-inch
  • Weight: 13.9 lbs.
  • Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Blue Max 53542 Blue Max 53542
  • Engine capacity: 32.6cc
  • Pole Extension: 10 ft
  • Bar Length: 10-inch
  • Weight: 21.9 lbs.
  • Rating: 8.2 out of 10

Best Gas powered Pole Saws Reviewed And Analyzed

Now that we’ve seen the shortlist and comparison table above, let’s now move onto the main section and see all the bells and whistles they come within detail

1. Maxtra Gas Pole Saw – Best Overall

Right off the bat, we have the most powerful gas pole chainsaw on top of the list. Maxtra 42.7cc offers lucrative features and optimizes efficiency and high performance to make pruning simple.

Yet the best part is, despite being the best gas powered pole saw, it is available at half the price comparing to other premium options out there.

Maxtra Gas Pole Saw

Top Features :

Long Extension Pole

Starting with the extension pole, it is adjustable from 8.2 to 11.4ft. Due to this extra length, the unit can reach up to 15ft when you hold it upright. Therefore, the burden of balancing on a ladder won’t be necessary. The quick connector makes it easier to link or release the extension.

Most Powerful Engine

The 42.7cc gasoline engine is a beast to delivers the utmost power, making Maxtra suitable for complex trimming. Pruning orchard, cutting down big trees or woods; it tackles all you throw at it. You can get the job done in the least of time and energy.

Effective Saw Bar

The 10-inch chain bar increases your cutting capacity as you can trim thicker branches easily and efficiently.

Optimal Design

Last but not least, Maxtra comes with an air filter to protect its 2-stroke engine. The centrifugal clutch ensures safety and eases up starting. Besides, the shoulder strap and ergonomic handle help reduce vibration and overcome fatigue.




Maxtra 47.2cc is the best professional gas pole saw you can buy. You can prune thicker trees within seconds. With additional attachments, you can convert this gas pole saw into other useful tools as well.

2. Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw– Best Budget

If you need a gas pole saw on a limited budget that doesn’t compromise anything, Poulan Pro PR28S is best in the business.

Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw

Top Features :

Quick Starting

Equipped with SureFire Fuel delivery system Poulan Pro PR28PS ensures the engine starts right up. The spring-assisted cord adds to this and makes pulling dead-simple.

Easy Reloading

While working with many poles saw, reloading become an issue. With a dual-line feeding style, Poulan Pro PR28PS gives you the real solution. Just tap the trimmer head on the ground and it will be ready to provide superior cutting results.

Versatile Usage

Due to the Rapid-Link system, the machine is compatible with six trimmer attachments. Within a few clicks, you can convert the pole saw into a hedge trimmer, cultivator, brush cutter, edger, and blower.

Less Maintenance

The tool features effective air purge technology to eliminate air from the carburetor and fuel system. This increases the engine lifespan while reducing your maintenance costs significantly.


With 14 lbs. weight the unit is pretty light, so even with hour-long trimming, you won’t feel much hand fatigue.




Overall, Poulan Pro PR28PS is a reliable gas pole saw in an affordable package.

3. Husqvarna 525PT5S - Longest Gas Powered Pole Saw

Husqvarna is renowned for making quality gas-powered lawn tools and Husqvarna 525PT5S is no exception. It has engineering excellence in the design, making it easy for us to pick this one up for review.

Husqvarna 525PT5S

Top Features :

Efficient Fuel System

Husqvarna 525PT5S has high X-Torq engine technology along with efficient air filter to save fuel. The balanced flex component will reduce operating noise to some extent as well.

Enhanced Safety

The magnesium clutch covering provides longevity. Also, the rear impact guard shields the engine from unwanted destruction.

Telescopic Pole

This is the most useful feature of this pole saw. Due to having an adjustable telescopic tube, the user able to cut branches as high as 18 ft above.

Longest Bar

The machine comes with the tallest chainsaw bar (12-inch) which separates this from other models out there. This will make cutting bulkier limbs and branches less punishing.




Expect for the price Husqvarna 525PT5S is an excellent pruning device for easier landscaping maintenance.

4. Remington RM25PS Gas Pole Saw – Best for Non-professional Use

Remington RM25PS is the series product of Remington gas pole saw and the later version of Remington RM2599. The model can go through hard limbs and one of the best value providers for your money.

Remington RM25PS Gas Pole Saw

Top Features :

Auto Oiler System

Many a time the lumberjacks can forget oiling the chains to let their saw works at the time of need. But Remington RM25ps comes with a unique auto oiling system which will keep the chains lubricated all the time.

Convenient Pole

This Remington Saw comes with a 7 feet extension pole and 8-inch bar to make cutting hard-to-reach limbs easier for you.

Easy Pull Start

Thanks to the unique Quick-start technology, Remington pole saw doesn’t only trim flawlessly but also starts immediately with one or two go.

Turn It to What You Need

This tool accepts other attachments so that you can switch it to an edger, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, etc., and meet all yard projects.




To conclude, Remington RM25PS is an ideal choice for non-professional use.

5. Blue Max 53542 Gas Pole Saw – Best for Medium Sized Garden

Last but not least we’ve Blue Max 53542 32.6cc as one of the best gasoline pole saw to review here. Like other models on our recommended list, it is equipped with some exciting features that you can’t miss. 

Blue Max 53542 Gas Pole Saw

Top Features :

Safe and Powerful

This Blue Max 53542 Gasoline Pole Saw has a safety automatic clutch system to increase fuel efficiency. In addition, the 32.6cc powerful engine will give you a smooth trimming experience.

Easy to Use

The anti-vibration system is quite outstanding for this model. It reduces noise and muscle fatigue while cutting those branches. The 10-inch saw bar will make cutting thicker branches hassle-free. 


For higher branches, this chainsaw can be extended up to 10 feet just by adding an extension shaft. With this, you don’t need to think about climbing a ladder anymore.

Less Maintenance

It uses a special primer that doesn’t allow air inside the carburetor and saves fuel. The air filter can be separated for cleaning. So there will be less maintenance costs involved.




Despite some weakness in the system, the power of the engine and easy starting features pays for it. All in all, Blue Max 53542 is an excellent gas powered pole saw for small to medium size gardens.

Everything You Want to Know About Gas Pole Saw

What Is A Gas Pole Saw?

Let’s start with the definition first. Well, you may’ve come across a various landscaping tools already. But a gas pole saw is unique in that,

  • It allows you to cut overgrown branches and limbs without climbing a tree
  • It is essentially a small chainsaw attached to an extension pole
  • Often the pole is adjustable so that you can change its length when needed

Depending on the model the range may vary, but the minimum length you can reach is usually 6 feet. Along with this, you have a control section at the bottom that allows you to modify the chainsaw speed other than just starting and stopping it.

In terms of the fuel,the name is self-explanatory. Yes, gas is being used to fuel the engine and with the push of a trigger, it will supply all those power to the blade to perform a range of chainsaw operations.

Why Do People Invest On A Gas Pole Saw?

Arborists often perform heavy-duty trimming around a property and they need higher cutting power to get it done on time. A gas pole saw provides this facility that can also run for long hours. Because these pole saws use gas instead of batteries, losing power with time isn’t a major issue here.

Again you don’t need to recharge your tool every few minutes and wait for hours.You only have to refill the gas reservoir and you’ll back on track. This makes clearing a large limb a lot easier for the professional.

Apart from just cutting tree branches a gas pole saw:

  • Can cut firewood
  • Reduce log to manageable sizes
  • Can trim down bushes or shrubs

Due to these added benefits, gas pole saws are more popular among homeowners especially those who own a medium to large size lawn.Certainly, a powerful pruner like this will help them keep the garden manicured year-round with ease.

Who Should Not Use A Gas Pole Saw?

With power and consistency, gas pole saws are able to cut wider branches to make pruning and cutting jobs easier. Despite this, there are three particular downsides that you may consider to decide whether buying a gas pole saw would be worthwhile for you.

  • Gas pole saws area bit heavy; older people may find this unpleasant
  • Usually, they generate more noise; your neighbor may not like it
  • They produce smoke to some extent and aren’t very environmentally friendly

Keeping these in mind, an electric pole saw is more appropriate especially if you own a smaller lawn or don’t have to deal with a lot of mature trees in your yard.

What Are The Other Pole Saw Types?

Apart from gasoline-powered pole saw, you also have electric versions available in the market. Based on your specific requirements both of them have their benefits and limitations.

Previously we’ve shed some light on the gas pole saw, so let’s briefly discuss the other ones below. But before we get into this, let us remind you that electric pole saws are available in two different categorize.

  • Corded Pole Saw
  • Cordless Pole Saw

Corded Pole Saw

As already mentioned, this type of pole saw runs on electricity and you have to ensure the power cord is connected to a nearby outlet. You have to use an extension cable if the tree or the bush is located outside its normal working distance.

That’s the only downside of a corded pole saw making it suitable for small to medium size lawns.Otherwise, they’re equipped with several benefits you can count on.

  • Corded pole saws are available in a range of power rating options
  • Professional models can extend up to 10 feet distance
  • Can cut tree branches up to 8-inches(in diameter) without much hassle
  • Versatile; can handle different landscaping (pruning, cutting, and trimmingtrees) needs.

However, the biggest selling point is the unrestricted cutting duration a corded pole saw comes with. As long as the cord isn’t discharged from the outlet it will supply adequate power to go throughall those limbs effortlessly.

Cordless Pole Saw

They are the other version of electric powered pole saw but in this case, they don’t require a power outlet to operate. Instead, they carry themselves a rechargeable battery to get those cutting jobs done.

Otherwise from a design perspective, there is no big difference from a traditional corded pole saw. However,

  • Comparatively, they are less powerful
  • Can’t operate for extended periods (recharging require every 30-minute)

[Note: Depending on the battery life and remaining leftover the charging time may vary]

Because of this, they can’t withstand professional operations and are better suited to occasional and lighter pruning needs.

Having said that, the maneuverability of these pole saws is unmatched.

  • They are lightweight, and more importantly
  • Don’t create much noise during the cutting operation.

Both of these features are extremely useful.This makes it suitable for everyone in the house to use a cordless pole saw.

Manual Pole Saw

Aside from gasoline and electric versions, you also have the manual and hydraulic pole saw type.

As far as the design goes, manual pole saws are a bit primitive. Traditionally they have been used exclusively for trimming and pruning trees and the popularity has yet to decline. They have:

  • Longer hacksaw teeth,and
  • Clippers on the pole end

In combination,these two features allow a user to better control how a wooden branch is cut. No doubt, the manual back and forth motion is still tedious, but the varying pole length makes things a litter easier for you.

Hydraulic Pole Saw

Hydraulic machines are meant for heavy-duty applications and pole saws are no exception. Usually, they are mounted on a tractor and often need several attachments (i.e., skid steer) to effectively perform brush clearings, vegetation management, and extensive clean-up after a natural disaster.

What Does A Pole Saw (Gas/Electric) Consists Of?

When looking at the design of a gas pole saw you will find four main components. Let’s discuss each of them here.


The pole is the extendable component of the tool that stabilizes the saw and let users reach higher up limbs. They are often made with aluminum and comes with a telescoping handle. Some models also come with other lightweight metals.

At the middle, you should see a rubber grip that secures the structure when aiming for tree branches. Except for the cheaper models, the outside layer will be fairly dent-proof.

Saw Blade

It is practically an under-sized chainsaw blade located on top of the pole assembly. To make sawing quicker, the blade contains sharp teeth with longer points forming a circle.


At the bottom, you’ll see the engine section that supplies all the cutting power the saw needs. For gas-powered pole saw it is comparatively bigger and includes a primer button. To set the crank you’ll also have a pull cord attached next to it.

Throttle Trigger

There is no point in having a pole saw that you can’t control, right? This is how the throttle will come in handy. Located right on the grip, this trigger lets you adjust the blade power when required.

How to Safely Use A Gas Pole Saw?

The user manual should be your first place to learn how to use your particular model of gas pole saw. Having said that, here are our tips worth looking at.

Necessary Precaution

Always start with wearing protective equipment including safety glasses, earplugs, durable gloves, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and sturdy boots.

For additional safety, a helmet and full-face shield may be worn to provide protection from sharp branches or falling debris.

Prepare Work Area

Examine the work area to decide where you’ll cut by determining the direction the branches will fall. Plan your retreat from falling branches as cut branches may bounce when striking the ground. Once you’ve prepared the area you’re ready to start the pole saw unit.  

Starting the Pole Saw

At first, lay the pole saw on the ground keeping the bar and chain clear of all obstacles. Never try to start the machine by holding it in one hand and pulling the starter rope with the other hand. This can cause you to lose control or possibly injure yourself or others.

With the unit on the ground check the fuel level and oil reservoir prior to starting.

  1. Move the stop switch to the run position.
  2. Put the choke lever in the cold start position.
  3. Next, locate the purge bulb and pump it until the fuel is visible.
  4. Pump the bulb an additional four or five times.
  5. Firmly grasp the handle and lock the throttle trigger with your left hand.
  6. Then fully depress the throttle trigger to the wide-open position.
  7. Rapidly pull the recoil starter rope until the engine fires or a maximum of five poles.
  8. After the engine fires move the choke lever to the run position.
  9. Release the throttle trigger and allow the unit to warm up at idle for several minutes.

If the engine doesn’t run after five pulls repeat the steps we’ve just mention to initially start the unit.

Sawing Technique

When you’re ready to cut, hold the cutting shoe against the branch. This will prevent the branch from whipping.

Don’t use a back and forth sawing action. As you cut lookout for branches immediately behind the branch you’re cutting. If the saw chain hits a rear branch it may cause damage to the saw chain and guide bar.

Accelerate to full throttle and ease cutting pressure when nearing the end of the cut to maintain control. Lastly, remember not to use the pole saw for felling or bucking.

What to Look For When Buying A Gas Pole Saw?

Nobody wants their hard-earned money to be wasted buying cheap products. Remember what sort of tasks a gas pole saw will perform this may result in a potential disaster too.

With this in mind, we’ve carried out carefulresearch and happy to share some useful insights below.This will help you choose the best gas-powered pole saw of your need in no time. Let’s take a look!

Chainsaw Power

First and foremost, check the pole saw engine rating first to see if that fits your specific sawing needs. Not to mention, the ease of cutting woods is important since you’ll be lifting the pole saw over your head.

Depending on how efficient the chainsaw is you can significantly reduce the sawing time. And, that comes from a powerful engine.

A 25cc engine is usually good enough to tackle a medium-sized garden. If you deal with bigger diameter trees a high engine rating would be necessary. To be on the safe side, a threshold of 25cc to 43cc is recommendedfor professional use.

However, the problem with a powerful engine is that,

  • As the rating increase, the size of the engine gets bigger
  • Consequently, the pole saw will weigh more too

Keeping this in mind, try to balance between power and weight when deciding your gas pole saw.

Pole Length

When looking at the pole length there are multiple options available to you. Most of them are between 8 to 12 feet tall. More importantly, it has a major impact on choosing your right pole saw.As a benchmark, try to aim for one that matches the average height of your trees.

The good news though is that,

  • You have telescoping features nowadays to better control the sawing operation
  • It lets you adjust the pole length rather than being stuck on a fixed height

Bar Length

Let’s say your pole is long enough and the engine is powerful too. But then you found out that the saw bar itself can’t adjust the tree branch you’re supposed to cut. No wonder, the scene will be frustrating. To save your investment, you must, therefore:

  • Focus on choosing the appropriate bar length
  • Check if it can accommodate the width you’ll trim

Usually, for a 10-inch limb, you should aim for a saw bar slightly bigger than just 10-inch.This will allow you to cut through the diameter comfortably.


We’ve talked a little bit about the weight issue above. Indeed considering your pole saw weight can be more important than you might think is especially if you’re not the strongest person in the family.

Honestly speaking, when removing tree branchesyou may have to hold it high for an extended period. In case you’re not aware:

  • The heavier part of your pole saw will be on top
  • This will make the weight to be felt much heavier
  • And if you are a smaller guy it will take a great deal of physical exertion
  • And you may struggle at some point to control it

Therefore, consider your body weight and fitness, since gravity will play a crucial role here. Pick a lighter option if you think a heavy-duty pole saw isn’t necessary for your garden or job profile.


You need a certain level of physical ability to move the pole saw on high trees and cut between branches at the right angle. An ergonomic gas pole saw will make it less cumbersome for you. We recommend you to look for a:

  • Lightweight design
  • Slimmer chainsaw head, and
  • Longer telescoping pole

So that you can easily move around with it, and maintain the precise cutting at the same time.


Regardless of the type of pole saw you use, the friction that occurs at the chain from cutting woods will make obvious noise. However, due to a more powerful engine, the noise generated by a gas pole saw will be louder.

And if you live in a residential area be sure to check for noise reduction features before buying a gas pole saw. Certainly, the neighbors won’t like that sound especially when you’re running the machine for an hour or so.  

Performance & Price

Looking at the numerous claims you can be tempted to buy the most expensive gas pole saw when you don’t need to. Always try to match the price with your performance expectations.

If you own a small garden it’s unlikely that you’ll need high cutting power. On the flip side, for professional purposes, you definitely need a powerful machine available at your disposal to sever bulkier limbs in less time.

Gas Pole Saw Maintenance: What Should You Remember?

Buying a professional gas pole saw could be costly and you will want to secure the investment for the longest time possible. Moreover, a properly maintained pole saw ensures you have efficient cuts with less hassle.

Here is a handy maintenance checklist for you:

  • After every usage clean dirt and debris from the bar and chain with a brush. This will keep the tool rust-free before the next operation.
  • To prevent potential harm never use your pole saw with missing screws. Similarly, it is crucial to check whether you have any loose screws prior to operating the machine.
  • Regularly check the chain teeth and keep them sharp. Don’t hesitate to replace it when required in order to produce a safe and painless sawing outcome.
  • Always maintain a gas to oil ratio of 50:1 for an efficiently running engine.
  • To increase productivity and reduce smoke examine the oil filter regularly. Fix a fuel or oil leakage as soon as you can with proper replacement parts.
  • Last but not least, empty the fuel tank if the next pole saw use isn’t planned/required in a month. Store the fuel in a separate container and keep it in a dry place to prevent early degradation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How fast can a gas pole saw prune?

It largely depends on the power of your pole saw engine and the quality of the material it is made up of. The best gas pole saws with a maximum speed up to 7500 RPM can slice limbs and branches in the quickest of time.

Q2. What is the longest gas pole saw?

Husqvarna 525PT5S reaches the longest distance among the gas pole saw available. At the same time, it is one of the most powerful gas pole saws you can find in the market.

Q3. Can I use a gas pole saw on a ladder?

In most instances, you don’t need a ladder or stool because most gas pole saw brands have extensions to reach out the tree branches or limbs. Nevertheless, sometimes you may have to stair up a ladder to trim higher up branches.

If this is the case with you, it’s simply better to leave the task to a professional. The reason is, it requires some skill to adjust the pole and it’s center of gravity on a ladder. On the same note, the risk of falling branches increases with the height and it can be hazardous.

Q4. How thick can a gas pole saw cut?

Best gas powered pole saws can cut a tree branch up to 9 inches in diameter. However, if you come across any branch thicker than 8 inches, it’s better to leave it up to a professional for safety.

Q5. What other jobs can my gas pole saw do?

With additional accessories, it’s not difficult to transform a gas pole saw into tools like a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, blower, edger, and brush cutter.

Q6. How should I store a gas pole saw?

If you have a storage bag keep your pole saw in that and store it in a dry suitable corner. You can choose to hang it against the wall too. However, be sure to always disassemble the (telescoping) handle and the mounting to save storage space and ease the process.


Coming to the end, we believe you now understand what to look for in the best gas pole saw and how to use it the right way. In this regard, we also hope our top five gas powered pole saw reviews is helpful to you.

We expect you to revisit those information if you miss any. However, if you intentionally come over here just to see our final recommendation, we found Maxtra to be considered the best overall gas pole saw out there. However, if you need an affordable yet powerful option, Poulan Pro PR28PS would be perfect.

Now it’s over to you, we just wish that you have a better and safer pruning experience whatever pole saw you choose in the end.


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