Best Air Compressor Under 200 in 2020

If you are a construction professional or DIY pro, having a decent air compressor as part of your ‘shop’ set up will make all the difference in getting the performance you need out of your tools and workmanship. Quality air compressors make it easy to get the best performance out of tools like nail guns, staplers, blowguns, and also mean items like tires and sports balls can be kept fully inflated.

Finding a great quality air compressor that performs all your professional and household tasks has never been easier and if you are on a budget, you should be able to find a great unit, even with accessories, for under 200 dollars.

We’ve searched high and low to secure the very best units on the market and are amazed at the quality you can get at this price point. In this article, we reviewed the top 8 best air compressors under 200 dollars and all of them are excellent.

If you are not willing to go with the whole review and in a short while want to know which one is the best in this list, then my recommendation will be the Porter Cable C2002 Air Compressor. Because of its long time flowing capacity with max 150 psi tank pressure, easy portability for its lightweight, and also save for the money.

Porter Cable C2002 Air Compressor

Comparison Table: Top 8 Best Air Compressor Under 200

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Best Air Compressor Under 200 Dollars: Reviewed & Analyzed

Key Features

The Porter Cable C2002 is our first and recommended model that is also one of the best portable air compressors. At 99 Dollar you can buy a good quality piece of kit and still have changed from a hundred dollar bill! Its compact pancake design has a decent capacity air tank with 6-gallon air tank that is well up to driving your nail gun at a decent 90psi pressure.

The 120 amp motor is energy efficient and gets going quickly on cold winter days. Porter Cable C2002 Air Compressor also has a dual connector so two people can use this tank simultaneously or you can power two tools on the job. The power cord wraps up tidily and rubber feet will protect flooring.



Key Features

Senco PC1010 is the next model in our list of the best air compressor under 200 dollars. This small and portable air compressor packs a serious punch for a range of home maintenance tasks or site work. Nailing or pinning is simple, with up to 44 drives per minute. The heavy-duty 120 psi pressure makes filling even car or truck tires simple and non-arduous.

Monitoring air pressure while your work is simple with the attached gauge.

The Senco PC1010 also runs whisper quiet so you can get those handyman tasks completed without creating a neighborhood disturbance.



Key Features

Next is California Air Tools 2010A and apparently it is the world’s most quiet air compressor which will have you working away with a quiet 60dB that will keep your neighbors or coworkers happy. If you have zonation or environmental health issues for your workshop this pump will fix any noise issues. 

On top of that, you will benefit from powerful performance with up to 2 horsepower motorized function with a satisfyingly long duty cycle. This beauty has the juice to get tough jobs done with a 2.0-gallon aluminum tank, yet with accessible handle and compact design, you can haul this air compressor around without too much sweat. 

Having an oil-free piston dual pump will keep maintenance needs down and California Air Tool’s pump can deliver 300 service hours before servicing becomes necessary.



Key Features

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor 3 Gallon is another tiny but best household air compressor unit that will meet a family’s requirements significantly. You don’t have to be a pro with the 10 piece accessory kit which includes items like a 25 ft recoil hose, blowgun, and air chuck.
This makes the compressor an easy reach for day to day jobs around the home like inflating items or using a nail gun.
The pressure gauge is well placed and it has a well-placed handle for easy moving. The 3-gallon horizontal gas tank design is compact and robust enough for long term storage.



Key Features

Robust and resilient is the name of the game with this superb quality air compressor which comes with high-quality Hitachi build Brad-nailer. This is a great value package that really helps extend the utility of this compact air pump. 

Its oil-free pump is powerful and can achieve a max psi of 150, though you can expect a running psi of around 90. The high-quality Brad nailer comes with a 25-foot coiled hybrid air hose and can handle ⅝ inch to 2 inch Brad nails, making it ideal for a range of carpentry projects. They have withheld nothing, even including goggles to keep you safe on the job.

You definitely get the benefit of Japanese design and engineering as the Hitachi KNT50AB has solid steel fabrication and strong rubber feet along with compact storage of power cabling and a tough handle.



Key Features

Pancake air compressors are a popular solution for a portable small air compressor that gets up and started quickly. The BOSTITCH BTFP02012 is another best pancake air compressor that covers all the expected bases with a 6-gallon tank and powerful oil-free motor. It is not fussy and will start up promptly even in cold weather. Like many of these pancake compressors, you have the output for 2 users or tools.

If you have some pneumatic tools and you don’t understand which one to buy from our list of the best air compressors under 200 dollars, then my recommendation will be the Bostitch BTFP02012. Because of its long life and a competative price, you will get a high-performed product.



Key Features

The Craftsman 6 gallon Air Compressor is a sound choice for a long duty cycle and the longevity you need from this kind of hardware. If you are looking for USA manufactured products, this is the air compressor for you. This smart USA designed and manufactured makes no bones about its reliable performance which will be as rugged as needed for the construction floor and as easy to use for the home. 

The unit delivers excellent value because of its 13 piece accessory kit which includes key items like a 25-foot air hose with coupler and plug. Expect the standard parameters of performance with a running psi of 90 quick recovery times that make all the difference when you are working.



Key Features

Dewalt DWFP55126 is the last product of our list of the best air compressor under200 dollars. This air compressor will clearly attract those who are loyal to the DeWalt brand with its signature yellow gas tank emblazoned with the classic logo. 

It has comparable specifications and performance to the other pancake air compressors we have reviewed here; other than a slightly higher peak psi, there is little to distinguish it. The pancake design does make this compressor portable and it’s 6-gallon capacity provides a good running time.



Buyers Guide for The Best Air Compressor Under 200

200 Dollar is not loose change, so you want to be sure that your selected air compressor is up to the task you have in mind. Here’s a list of pointers to consider when evaluating the air compressor you want to buy.

1. Working or running pressure

For solid performance, you need your air compressor to deliver a suitably high pressure of air. This air pressure is measured in pounds per square inch. A psi of 90 is usually adequate for DIY and household use. Depending on the model you may have a peak pressure rating quoted of up to 160 psi. This is a peak rating and not reflective of the consistent running pressure of the unit.

2. CFM

For solid performance, you need your air compressor to deliver a suitably high pressure of air. This air pressure is measured in pounds per square inch. A psi of 90 is usually adequate for DIY and household use. Depending on the model you may have a peak pressure rating quoted of up to 160 psi. This is a peak rating and not reflective of the consistent running pressure of the unit.

3. Tank capacity

Air compressor tanks can be anything from a few gallons to hundreds of liters in capacity and will vary with the CFM and use of the compressor. Getting the right tank size is important for how you are going to use your compressor. Too low a capacity will mean lots of equipment downtime while you refill your gas tank and you can get through a lot of gas if you are doing something like spray painting. Work out the most appropriate tank capacity by multiplying the SCFM by 6.

4. Couplings

If you are buying a new air compressor, make sure that the couplers and connectors on the unit are of a standard size. This can be a problem with imported items and will render the air compressor impossible to use. Adapters and dual couplings are helpful for connecting more than one tool or for two people to use the air compressor at once.

5. Motor

The motor does all the hard work of compressing the air to a pressure suitable to drive your tools so it needs to be of suitable capacity for the job. Many of the air compressors we have rated here have a 1-2 horsepower motor, which should suffice for regular household use. Also, some air compressor pumps require lubrication with oil after a certain period of use to prolong the life of the unit. Oil-free air compressors mean that you can sidestep this issue for lower maintenance.

6. Power

Air compressors were traditionally powered using gasoline or diesel but clearly, mains electricity will be most convenient for a householder or if you are looking for a portable unit.

7. Portability

This is often a deal-breaker when looking for a cheap air compressor. The smaller units are the most portable which makes them a good pick for a handyman, contractor, or a family that uses inflatables.

A portable air compressor should have a compact design with a good handle and the ability to wrap up the power flex. The shape should be compact, so the unit is easy to stow in a vehicle or pack away in your garage. The pancake air compressor is a popular model and comes with rubberized feet to protect your flooring. For larger units, wheels are also helpful for easy maneuverability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my air compressor not powering up?

It’s frustrating to have your air compressor fail to operate but before you give up on it there are a few key causes aside from product failure that you need to exclude:

  • No power: An electrical failure could be due to a circuit breaker or not switching it on!
  • Oil needed: Certain units to require oil and fluids to be replenished for safe operation.
  • Pressure problems: The pressure may be too low in the tank.

2. Why is my air compressor so noisy?

If you have opted for an ultra-quiet version and you are getting seriously loud noise, it may be that a part or component of your air compressor is loose or your pistons are playing up. If you have a model that uses oil, levels of this lubricant may be running low or being improperly delivered.

3. Why does my air compressor keep vibrating?

Again, loosened parts anywhere in the air compressor may cause vibrations. You may also have this problem is the unit is not level while in use. Switch off the unit if it is vibrating and inspect its parts including:

  • Pulley
  • Flywheel
  • Belts
  • Mounting bolts
  • Crankshaft
  • Feet

If the problem persists, avoid ongoing use and contact the manufacturer or refer to the product warranty.

4. Why have I got low pressure at my tooltip?

This will be due to inadequate air reaching the tool and can be due to a number of reasons.

  • Air leaks
  • Hose problems – leakages or blockages
  • Pressure blockages
  • Loose belts
  • Air intake restrictions due to a blocked filter.

Many of these problems are corrected with minimal effort and cost and should be checked before giving up on your air compressor.

Rounding Up

We hope that our roundup will make it easy for you to find the best air compressor under 200 dollars. Thankfully the market is heaving with some great deals that are of a quality that can compete with professional-caliber units. It’s clear that at this price point you will walk away with a portable air compressor, but with the right tools, they are more than up to the demands of a variety of projects.

Are you a DIY enthusiast or pro who has something to add on the best air compressor under 200. We would love to hear your feedback. Drop us thoughts, recommendations, and tips in the comments section below!

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